Inventions Patented in England by Americansby@scientificamerican

Inventions Patented in England by Americans

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350.—Breech-loading Fire-arms.—Eli Whitney, New Haven, Conn. February 10, 1871. 352.—Governor.—Stilliman B. Allen, ——, Mass. February 10, 1871. 357.—Windmill.—A. P. Brown, New York city. February 11, 1871. 332.—Furniture Casters.—F. A. Gardner and H. S. Turrell, Danbury Conn. February 8, 1871. 339.—Wire Fabrics for Mattresses.—Samuel Rogers, New York city. February 9, 1871. 340.—Screw Propeller Canal Boats.—Thomas Main, Pierpoint, N. Y. February 9, 1871. 362.—Flyer for Spinning Machinery.—Thomas Mayor and Geo. Chatterton, Providence, R. I. February 14, 1871. 373.—Telegraphic Apparatus and Detectors.—W. B. Watkins, Jersey City, N. J. February 14, 1871. 381.—Steam and other Safety Valves.—Walter Dawson Scranton, Pa. February 15, 1871. 388.—Iron Rails and Bars, and Modes of Manufacturing the same.—Eldridge Wheeler, Philadelphia, Pa. February 15, 1871.

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