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Introduction to App Platform

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Qoddi App Platform is the PaaS app platform made for business, free for developers. is a PaaS app platform made for business and free for developers. Instead of building your application and deploying it to a server, Qoddi automatically clones your code from any git software, build it on a powerful set of builders, and deploys it, taking care of everything your app needs to thrive and grow: servers, load balancers, network, and updates.

How Qoddi is different?

While it can be compared to other PaaS, like Heroku or Netlify, Qoddi is different and offers more flexibility, power, and functions at 10% of the cost of the competition:

  • Business ready: If you want your app to be able to scale without spending a lot of money immediately, Qoddi’s infrastructure scale in one click horizontally and vertically. You can add more resources to your app at any time, deploy more replicates of your app or both, depending on the growth of your apps, and scale back down at any time as well. Qoddi also offers Auto-Scaling to automatically handle traffic or workload surges for you.
  • Isolated datastores: There are plenty of datastores available in one-click deployment on Qoddi including MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, and more. All of those apps are reachable only from inside Qoddi’s infrastructure, making your data secure by design.
  • Really Free for developers: Qoddi free tier offers 3 DEV instances completely free, no credit card required. A great way to start building with Qoddi. And DEV instances never sleeps, get free traffic and virtual disks like any others.
  • Tier 1 Network: Concerned about the reachability of your app in tier 3 countries? Regardless of the location of your app (USA, Europe, or Asia), Qoddi’s Tier 1 Network with direct providers peering makes your app reachable everywhere.
  • Free Backups: If you are using Virtual Disks, Qoddi includes free daily out-of-site backups with 10 days of persistence. Completely free, included with all apps. Backups are encrypted and stored inside an out-of-network facility to prevent data ransomware and data loss.
  • Free Bandwidth: Bandwidth (traffic) is illimited for all apps (including FREE apps). Stop paying up to $100 per TB of traffic everywhere else. Bandwidth is critical for your app, it’s included and illimited with Qoddi.

Register now and get 3 instances for free, no credit card is needed.

Disclaimer: This article is published by the brand mentioned in this article (Qoddi).


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