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Introducing the Search Grader by Algolia

We’re excited today to launch the Search Grader, a free tool for product builders to evaluate their current search experience and receive a report of concrete tips to improve Speed, Relevance & Design. Search is a fundamental part of how users access information on the internet and today’s internet user expects that every product will have search that is fast, intuitive & relevant.

The Search Grader is free to use, works from any browser or device, and helps you break down search into concrete features that are easy to understand with GIFs & examples. At the end of the Grader, you’ll get a report to show you where you can improve, and you can leave your email to receive a free PDF copy that you can circulate to your team internally.

We’re spent last week at Web Summit demo-ing the Grader for some of the 50,000+ innovators who flew into Lisbon to see the latest and greatest that the tech world has to offer.

At the end of the Search Grader, get a free report full of tips to improve your product’s search experience!

Search Education is very important to Algolia — we believe that the key to having a great search experience is first and foremost understanding what a great search looks like (the second part, of course, is putting the best practices in place). Each one of our tips come with an explanation of how the best practice works, as well as quick advice for how you can implement that in your own product today (whether with Algolia or not).

For Search Grader users who want a more detailed assessment of their search experience and how they can improve it, they can follow up after they receive their report and send an email to to speak with our product specialists.

Algolia is built by developers for developers, and we currently work with 2,000+ customers including Twitch, ProductHunt, Medium & even the Web Summit app, along with 12,000+ users on our free Hacker plan.

We’re excited to have you try out our Search Grader and let us know what you think!

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