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Introducing the Culture Designer 101

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Documenting corporate culture is tricky. Over the years I’ve seen many companies forget to take the time to formalize their values and principles. Most of these companies have been run by folks who A) are too busy to be bothered, B) think that the existing culture speaks for itself—i.e. people already understand what is expected from them individually and the company at large, or C) lack the organizational experience to formalize their cultural norms.

In the case of driven entrepreneur and leaders, some of the same qualities that send them running out from the gate (adventure, fearlessness, confidence, problem-solving, etc.) can often leave their employees in the dark about what an ideal culture might look like—apart from intensity and perceived productivity. It seems that even a small amount of structured thinking about culture can save employees from uncertainty and greatly benefit the future of the organization.

And so, I challenged myself to build a simple tool to help formalize thinking around corporate culture. By using powerful reference material and setting rigid constraints, the Culture Designer 101 tool can help jump start your process of documenting culture.

You might like to use it if:

  1. You are incubating a new company or idea.
  2. You need to do more to formalize your existing culture.
  3. You’re hopeful to change your culture in the future.

It’s simple (and free).

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1) Craft your mission statement.

2) List your core values.

3) Work through the finer details.

4) Share your doc.

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