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Introducing SIMMER industries

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@rocco-balsamoRocco Balsamo

A home for WebGL + Unity.

What a beautiful day for a preview-launch! Adobe just announced the EOL of Flash in 2020, and WebGL is the exciting technology that will take over. And that’s what SIMMER is all about.

So let’s talk about the preview version of SIMMER industries (V0. ALPHA). SIMMER is a place for Unity developers to upload, host and share their 3D content in WebGL format.

Update: The preview site is gone now, and SIMMER industries is now SIMMER.io!

Other WebGL content will be added in the future. But today, Unity!

Earlier this year, I saw a need to help Unity developers share their games, assets, and demos to the web in a easy, straightforward manner. There wasn’t a cohesive place to do this.

So I got to building. I’d design a site that was clean, elegant, and similar to a popular video sharing site. I’d provide tools to make uploading simple, and make the site community oriented.

And now it’s a reality!

Let’s take a tour

The Gallery

On the front page, there’s a gallery of demos, games and assets.

There only a few items available now, but I can’t wait to see the kind of stuff that Unity developers start creating:

I’m actively building tools to help with discovery and search. Look for those as this list of items grows.

The Viewer

When you select an item in the gallery, it takes you to a viewer. This is where you can view the game or asset or write comments about it.

The Gory Details

I’ve added a bunch of goodies to make uploading to SIMMER a no brainer. There’s sharing tools, the ability to embed (like youtube), and direct links to the Unity Asset Store.

Read about the bells and whistles it this article:

Know anyone who might be interested?

Are you a Unity developer interested in uploading to SIMMER? Have questions? Feel free to contact me via email or twitter or chat.

You can even chat with me on preview.simmerindustries.com!

And that’s a Wrap (sorta)!

I’m really looking forward to the first round of submissions to the SIMMER industries preview site. I can’t wait to build this awesome community.

(SIMMER Industries is now SIMMER.io!)

Please follow me on Medium to hear more about how it’s going with the launch. Also I love💚’s if you can spare one ;-)

PS I’m speaking at forwardJS in San Francisco on July 27!


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