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Introducing Luka messaging and his fleet of AI friends

Meet Luka — a messaging app that has the one friend you wish you had in every conversation. Want to figure out the best place to eat or party on a Thursday night? Want a friend who updates you on news you actually care about? Luka has your back.

Luka is the first messenger that brings a collection of intuitive AI-powered bots for just about anything in any conversation.

Here’s why you’ll love Luka, and why it’ll love you back.

It’s a messaging platform and a powerful bot platform

You can make dinner reservations, play games, get your news updates, and make weekend plans without leaving your conversations. And if you run out of friends to talk to, there is always an AI that will be happy to chat. Tell Luka you’re bored or lonely, and you’re one step closer to happiness.

By introducing you to his AI friends, Luka made bots discovery finally intuitive and part of the messaging experience

Have you ever found yourself spending your precious time searching for the right bot to plug into Slack or Kik? With Luka, you don’t have to search for the right bots, and you don’t even have to remember their names! Tell @Luka what you’re after and you’ll get hooked up to the right AI.

Luka is your God bot — just tell him what you need, he’ll find the right AI for you

Faster communication with AI

Typing might be tiring. Especially when you’re texting with an AI. That’s why Luka gives you shortcuts — widgets and buttons — to speed up your communication.

Hybrid interfaces to speed up your communication

Each AI comes with a unique interface

Our bots are highly intelligent, yet sometimes text is not enough for a bot to help you. That’s why we’ve enriched our bots by adding some extra perks to their interfaces. For instance, it’s hard to pick a restaurant without looking them up on the map — that’s why our @Foodie bot pulls up a map for you.

More bots to come

What started off as one restaurant recommendation bot has today turned into an AI platform to build the next generation of messaging and search on mobile. New bots will appear regularly. If you want to add your bot to Luka now — email us at We’ve been building conversational AI for a long time and have exactly what you need to build yours.

At Luka we have always wanted to build a conversational AI. It was never about adding an API or a slash command line to a messenger for us.

It’s the beauty of conversation, the feeling of emotional vulnerability and, ultimately, trust that matter most of all.

This is what we’re trying to achieve. AI of the future does not just carry a simple function — it loves you. And you love it back.

And that’s our mission — to make Luka your friend.

Give Luka a try here. If you want to add your bot or tell us what you like or hate— email us at

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