Interview with Jérôme Nagle, CEO and Founder at Ultimate Go-Getter by@GlobalOwls

Interview with Jérôme Nagle, CEO and Founder at Ultimate Go-Getter

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We have interviewed Jérôme Nagle, CEO and Founder at Ultimate Go-Getter, to learn more about his background story, how he started Ultimate Go-Getter, his advice on starting your own app and the future he hopes to create through his work.

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Q: What is your biggest life lesson, or key takeaway from this interview, that you would like to stick with our readers?

Jerome: Your number one priority in life should be to become as conscious as possible, so you can become everything you want to be and can create any future you possibly desire (for yourself and for others).  

Q: Can you tell us more about yourself? What is your passion?


Jerome: My whole life I’ve been obsessed with understanding who I am, and what reality is. I think that my greatest passion is to explore the infinite depths of my own mind and reality itself and use these crucial insights to create something for humanity that’s so insanely creative and intelligent, no one has ever seen before.

Q: What are your best tips for others wanting to start an app?

Jerome: Figure out that one thing you want to solve in this world. Even if it cost you years to find it. Once you find it, invest all of your time and energy into it. Don’t aim to create just ‘an app’. Focus on creating the ‘ultimate app’, for a specific market. Make it so unique that it becomes irrelevant for others to compete.

Q: What were your biggest challenges up until now?

Jerome: Explaining people what I am trying to create and managing my ideas. 

Q: What are your happiest moments with Ultimate Go-Getter?

Jerome: The moments at night when I deeply realize that this idea is truly going to impact the world.

Q: What future do you hope to create through your work at Ultimate Go-Getter?

Jerome: I am here to elevate humanity’s level of consciousness.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle you face in achieving this future?

Jerome: I, myself, am the biggest obstacle. Negative thinking, self-doubt, self-criticism, etc.

Q: How can readers participate in helping you achieve this future?

Jerome: Use our app to create some really inspiring ‘pieces’ and share them with the world around you. Get started today.

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