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Interested in Learning a New Language? Try Korean

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If you need to learn Korean, work with a Korean tutor online, and you’ll see it works. In fact, online Korean tutoring is probably the most economical option you will find. Taking college classes to learn Korean can cost thousands of dollars, plus, you’ll blend into a crowd of other learners, where you may not have your individual needs addressed in the same way you would with a Korean tutor. 

Here, learn answers to some of the top questions people have about learning Korean:

  • How much do Korean lessons cost?
  • What are the benefits of working with a Korean tutor?
  • How does Korean tutoring work?

How Much Does it Cost to Work With a Korean Tutor?

Cost is probably one of the first concerns that comes to mind when you’re thinking of hiring a Korean tutor. If you’re wondering, “How much do Korean lessons cost?” the answer is that it depends on who you turn to for lessons. Private, in-person lessons can be expensive, and courses at a college or university can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you take more than one Korean class.

A work with a Korean tutor online, on the other hand, is likely to be more affordable. Tutors tend to set their own rates, and some will offer one-on-one lessons for as little as $5 each. More experienced tutors may charge higher rates, of up to $35 or more per lesson, but the cost of lessons with even the most expensive online Korean tutor is likely to be much lower than other options.

The total cost of lessons with an online Korean tutor will depend upon your tutor’s specific rate, as well as the number of sessions you complete with your tutor. If you already have some baseline knowledge of Korean, and you’re particularly skilled at learning foreign languages, you may learn with just a few lessons. On the other hand, if you require more lessons, your costs will of course be higher. 

If you choose a Korean tutor with a moderate fee of around $15 per lesson and complete ten lessons, the total cost of $150 is likely to be considerably lower than what you’d pay for a college course. Most do-it-yourself software programs do not even offer packages as low as $150.

The Benefits of Working with a Korean Tutor

Beyond the cost savings, working with a Korean tutor comes with several benefits. Not only is online tutoring convenient, it also offers these additional perks:

You have the ability to select tutors that have openings during times that meet your schedule, instead of being at the mercy of previously-scheduled courses at a college or university.

A Korean tutor gives you the opportunity to learn from a live person, rather than attempting to learn utilizing do-it-yourself software. This allows for deep discussion of the Korean language, which has been found to be critical when learning a new language, according to a study in The Modern Language Journal. 

You can select a tutor who seems to be the best fit for you. Online Korean tutors create profiles outlining their skill-set and areas of interest, so you can find someone who is a good match. Some even offer trial lessons to confirm the two of you will work well together. 

An online Korean tutor will create individualized lesson plans targeted to your specific goals. For example, if you’re interested in learning some vocabulary, you can focus on this. On the other hand, if you have a need to be conversant in Korean, a tutor can help you to learn conversation skills. 

How Does Korean Tutoring Work?

If you decide that online Korean tutoring is the best option for you, you can visit the Eurekly web page and browse our available tutors. Choose one that is the best fit for your needs and budget, and schedule a session. One key benefit of online tutoring is that you can book and participate in interactive lessons all on one platform. 

Once you select a tutor, you will work one-on-one with them to discuss your goals and learning needs. From there, they will create individualized lesson plans that are not only beneficial but also interesting. You and your tutor can decide how many lessons you need to meet your learning goals, and in the end, you’ll only pay for completed lessons with your Korean tutor. 

Learn Korean with Eurekly Tutors Today!

Feel ready to take on learning Korean at a fraction of the traditional cost? You can start by exploring a wonderful platform for finding tutors in many different subject areas. Eurekly is where thousands of tutors gather to enlist their skills to help you meet your educational and personal goals. 

By working with them, you’ll not only find that you can open up your linguistic horizons—but, you can actually start to benefit from being a very capable Korean speaker.

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