Install Visual studio code on Ubuntu linuxby@xameeramir
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Install Visual studio code on Ubuntu linux

by Zameer AnsariDecember 25th, 2017
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If you’re <a href="" target="_blank">trying to work on&nbsp;.NET outside of Windows</a>, you <a href="" target="_blank">probably</a> be missing <a href="" target="_blank">Visual studio</a>. A sub-alternative is <a href="" target="_blank">VS code</a>.
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If you’re trying to work on .NET outside of Windows, you probably be missing Visual studio. A sub-alternative is VS code.

Now, we’re going to setup it on Ubuntu linux

The contents of the extracted folder will look something like:

code is the executable file we’re interested in:

  • Double click code

For the sake of organisation, I have all the downloaded setups in a separate directory called Programs. Yes, inspired by Windows

Running code everytime from it’s folder is too much work. To minimize it, we can create a symbolic link using the command sudo ln -s /path/to/vscode/Code /usr/local/bin/code

In my case, I replaced /path/to/vscode/Code with ~/Programs/VSCode-linux-x64/Code so the final syntax is

sudo ln -s ~/Programs/VSCode-linux-x64/Code /usr/local/bin/code

In case of already created symbolic link, an error will be shown:

From next time, we can just open a terminal with Ctrl Alt T and type code

After installation, make sure to always run the [dnvm]( and [dnu]( commands by adding to [.bash_profile]( using the below commands:

echo 'source' >> ~/.bash_profile echo 'export MONO_MANAGED_WATCHER=disabled' >> ~/.bash_profile

Verify that commands are actually added:

  • Go to Home in Files explorer

  • Unhide hidden files using Ctrl+H
  • Locate the .bash_profile file
  • Open it with gedit or your favourite editor

source export MONO_MANAGED_WATCHER=disabled

Alternatively, use [cat]( or [less]( commands:

And VS code is ready to use:


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