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Install and Deploy a React + Next.js Blog with Cosmic JS

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The Cosmic JS Community is a robust team of developers, editors and creatives that are continually building apps faster using the Cosmic JS CMS and API to run their content-powered apps. This week Chris Overstreet contributed a Cosmic React Blog, built on React.js, Next.js, Redux and Node.js. All content, data and files are powered by Cosmic JS . I’ll demonstrate installing and deploying this Cosmic React Blog in a few easy steps. See below to read how the blog was built by Chris Overstreet.


Cosmic React Blog
Cosmic React Blog Demo
Cosmic React Blog Codebase
Powering a React + Next.js Blog with Cosmic JS

1. Create a New Bucket

2. Install the Cosmic React Blog

3. Deploy to Cosmic JS App Server for Prototyping

Cosmic JS provides deployment integrations to Zeit, Heroku and Netlify as well. I’m deploying to Cosmic JS for sake of demonstration ease for this blog. Cosmic JS recommends only using the Cosmic JS App Server as a prototyping and staging environment for example applications and content models.

The Cosmic JS Apps Eco-system thrives due to our amazing community. If you’d like to build apps and extensions and contribute blogs as a paid Community Contributor, head over to Cosmic JS Jobs to see open positions for App Developers, Dev Advocates and more.

I hope that you’ve found this tutorial helpful. If you have questions or comments about Features in the Cosmic JS system, I’d love to hear about them. You can refer to my Cosmic JS Profile for additional content on how to intuitively navigate the Cosmic JS Dashboard.

Cosmic JS is an API-first Content Management Platform that decouples content and code, allowing developers to build apps in any programming language while giving non-technical editors a cloud-based editor to manage content.


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