Inspiration for UX Designers: Putting the User Firstby@AbhaySalvi
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Inspiration for UX Designers: Putting the User First

by Abhay SalviApril 7th, 2019
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Good UX design is all about putting the user first. Any aspect of a website or app that doesn’t consider the user’s needs fails.

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

— Frank Chimero, Designer

Nike90 Store by Balraj Chana

Space Odyssey by MadeByStudioJQ

Yomes — Renters Transparency Initiative by Claudio Guglieri

Work hard by JON

NorthFace by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Surf Article Interaction by Bradley Ziffer

Divers App Concept by Dannniel

Charity Website by Riko Sapto Dimo

Motel | Food App by Johny vino™

Youtube concept design — profile by Yi Li for Hiwow

Marble Interactive TV App — Case Study by Afrian Hanafi for Paperpillar

Experimental Work by Divan Raj

Photography Blog by Charles Patterson

Movies Site by Aji Darmawan

HQ Food Delivery Homepage by Aleks Faure

Iphone X Instagram Concept by Ivan Martynenko

#Exploration | Website Learn to Surfing by Dwinawan for Paperpillar

MH home page by Anton Skvortsov

Fashion Butique — slider animation by kreativa

Mixing — Online music service website concept by Anmol Arora

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Top UX Inspirations of all time!