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Important Lessons About Programming That I've Learned at 14

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@suryansh-manshaSuryansh Mansharamani

Programming. My new guru.

Being a teenager itself poses an overload of stress from school and peers, so to the common eye, focusing on programming on top of all of that
doesn’t make sense. The stereotype of programming being nothing short of overly complicated isn’t true. Matter of fact, programming has not only
taught me the way of computational thinking and ideologies that
transcend far off the plane of logic and programming, but how to go
ahead with dilemmas and issues.

You become resourceful

If you're a programmer and you haven’t gone to Stack Overflow once, you're most likely not a good programmer. The best projects always come with
the most tedious questions. Being a programmer is all about asking questions to the community, be it Reddit, Facebook, Stack Overflow or
any other forums for developers out there. After a couple of months of experience, you begin to truly understand something most people know,
but don’t fully grasp.

The Internet is diverse.

Going and asking questions on Reddit is not the best way to get them answered. Ask your questions EVERYWHERE. The same goes for anything else.

You can’t get quite far if you’re relying on just one source for your answers. Remember that.

You learn to work with others, as a team.

Once again, there is another stereotype about programmers, this one being that each and every single one is a loner. Not true. As mentioned
before, you begin to find connections everywhere, with each and every single connection with their own skill set. This makes it easier to know who to ask for help in order to get a faster and more accurate answer.

Furthermore, creating an app from the ground up is really hard, and its probably guaranteed not to attract that much attention without someone else’s help. So, whether you like it or not, teams are essential for the proper working behind anything, be it an app or a business. As a school student, I know that putting all the work stress on yourself isn’t the best, and the result of the project is guaranteed not to impress anyone.

Stress Management

This is one of the most important habits to follow in anyone’s life. Stress Management.

There always is that one time in a programmer’s life when you get an
error in this huge project and no matter where you search nor who you
ask, you can’t get an answer. So, instead, you waste 12 hours of your
life pondering over something you probably never are going to fix, at
least in that mindset.

Taking a rest and doing something to get your mind off of the error can help tremendously, and let’s be honest, stress management, especially in development, is extremely underrated. School is just like that. There are times when the teacher hardly assigns anything and the next day you're bombarded with papers.

After that sudden shock, you realize that you have other activities to do outside of school. Getting stressed during both programming and life is natural, but what matters is that you take breaks between loads of work. Choosing not to would render your work obsolete.

You get new unusual yet elegant ideas

Programming, like writing, is an art. It takes a lot of time to master, and anyone can see ‘rookie’ness from a mile away by just looking at the first line of code. Since most of the most obvious and successful ideas have been already taken, the app market is focusing on ideas that are unusual yet show high potential.

As always, what was unusual before would be the norm after a couple years or so.

App ideas aren’t the only thing that promotes out of the box thinking. At
times, its the programming itself. As mentioned before, stress management is quintessential for anyone to reach peak performance. Its at this short-lived yet beautiful period of time that the most creative ideas blossom and come to light.

“Focus and narrow upon one idea, and follow through with it all the way to the end.”

Now lets combine all of these ideals. If you look at all of them at a larger level, anyone can easily notice that they’re nearly all the same, yet what makes them different is how they’re dependent on each other. Without one, the other cannot fully survive.

With this in mind, consider following these 3 things through and through in order to reach peak performance in programming, and in life.

Thank you for reading my article! It means a lot, and I’m sure that others would want to see this too, so don’t forget to share!


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