Innovations in The Robotics Industry You Should Know About by@omrihurwitz

Innovations in The Robotics Industry You Should Know About

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The new innovations in the robotics industry are creating exciting opportunities for investors looking to invest in this growing field of technology! This article will cover several new robotic innovations and how they are advancing the robotics industry's ability to provide greater efficiency and more cost-effective solutions for businesses of all types.

Boston Dynamics

If you enjoy spending time on Youtube, you have probably come across Boston Dynamics' super vibrant videos. From humanoid robots running and doing parkour, to them dancing to rock n' roll music, Boston Dynamics are constantly innovating. They are continually trying to make their robots better, faster, and stronger! Boston Dynamics mission is to imagine and create exceptional robots that enrich people’s lives. They also follow very straightforward ethichal principles, to make sure they priotize the human element in human-robot partnerships.

Unlimited Robotics

The Israeli startup led by Guy Altagar has built Gary, a service robot is designed to perform any chore for home, business, and office environments. Gary can autonomously navigate and move in familiar and new places indoors, at a speed of up to 1.2m/sec (3.1 mph). It can also adapt to multiple types of terrains, such as grass, carpets, and tiles. The robot can hold up to 5 kg of payload with its two arms; each has a different gripper to perform tasks such as grabbing, holding, and squeezing objects. Gary is also equipped with three different infrared and in-depth cameras that can help him to improve his performance due to the extremely high processor and AI capabilities. Unlimited Robotics, who I collaborate with, has also built a developers platform aimed at helping developers monetize their work.


The tech giant has also unleashed some very innovative robotics solutions with their new Samsung Bot Care, which transforms the personal assistant arena. The Samsung Bot Care utilizes artificial intelligence. This enables it to identify and react to your actions. As a result, this robotic helper serves as a caretaker who helps you manage your daily tasks. Samsung's vision is by using innovation to make a positive impact. That is also why some of thier focus is on companion robots that can make peoples lives better. One of the statemants on thier website stats the following: We will keep advancing cutting-edge software & hardware technologies for robotics to the commercialization level to serve real benefits to customers.


Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has unleashed (literally) a robot dog that looks like it has been taken from some sci-fi movie. According to the firm, the robot is powered by a variant of NVIDIA's Jetson Xavier NX, the world's smallest artificial intelligence supercomputer. It's open-source, meaning developers will be able to build upon it in order to create their own applications for the robot-canine.
The company announced it will start by delivering 1,000 of the robots to "Xiaomi fans, engineers and robotics enthusiasts to jointly explore the immense possibility of CyberDog."

CyberDog can read information from its environment and learn about it, thanks to the 11 sensors onboard, including touch and ultrasonic sensors. The robot's cameras also allow it to follow a person and maneuver objects in their immediate vicinity.

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