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iMessage Not Working? [SOLVED] - Here's How to Fix It

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iMessage not working? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. 

iMessage is one of the most used applications on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which has been developed to enhance communication and collaboration among Apple users. The application can be used with Wi-Fi, which means that you can still connect with your contacts even if you don’t have a cellular connection. 

The application is very useful, however, many people face issues using their iMessage app. This article highlights some of the common issues iPhone users face with the iMessage app and how to fix them. 

Why is the iMessage app not working?

Although iMessage has its own advantages and multiple uses, it also brings along some disadvantages, just like any other application. Bad internet connection, iMessage settings, and synchronization with Mac are some of the major reasons behind iMessage not working properly. 

This article presents some of the most common problems faced by users while using iMessage and some ways to fix the issues. 

Bad Connectivity Issues

For iMessage to work, an internet connection is required. Therefore, the first thing you need to make sure is to check if your data connection is good. Without sufficient connection, your iMessage app is going to create trouble surely. To perform a quick internet check, go to the web browser and search Google for a random query like “test”. 

If your internet is fine, but you are still facing iMessage problems, move on to the next solutions: 

If your internet connection is working properly and iMessage is still not working, try connecting your phone to better Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi with good signals is not available near you, switch to a mobile 3G/4G connection. 

You can also restart your device but if the problem still lingers then turn the iMessage toggle off and then on from the Settings app. To enable and disable iMessage do: 

Go to Settings -> Messages -> iMessage


Moreover, you can also go to Apple’s System Status website and check to see if the service is working fine. In case if it is down then the problem is at the company’s end. Refer to the image below. 


If you have an urgent message to send, and your iMessage app is not working due to connectivity issues then you can go to Settings -> Messages -> Send as SMS.

By turning the toggle on for Send as SMS, your iMessage app will send messages even if the connectivity is bad. 


Troubleshooting on macOS

If your iMessage app is not working on macOS, go to Messages -> Preferences -> iMessage -> Enable this account

Uncheck the box and then after a short period of time check the box again. This will reset your iMessage app on your Mac and will fix the issue. 


A bad internet connection can also lead to the following issues in your iMessage app. The majority of the time following issues are associated with poor connectivity. 

iMessage Not Working: Red Exclamation Mark Error

When you send a message, and you see a red exclamation mark beside it, this means that you are having internet connectivity issues. It is an alert sign that means the message is not delivered. 

Solution: Reset your internet connection, then go to the message and tap ‘try again’. If the issue persists, then tap the red mark and choose ‘send as a text message’

Green Message Bubble Vs. Blue Message Bubble

While using the iMessage app, if you see a Green Message Bubble, this means that either the person you are sending the message to does not have an iOS device or their iMessage is not activated. The messages are sent as SMS.

Blue Message Bubble appears when your iMessage is working fine and the person you’ve sent a message to also has the app activated on their phone. This also reflects that the sender and the recipient both have a stable internet connection. The messages are not sent as SMS. 

Your Friends with iPhones are not Receiving iMessages

Another common problem faced by users is that their friends are unable to receive iMessages. If your friend has an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, then they should be able to receive iMessages unless they have this feature deactivated. It might be possible that your friend has changed their network and they forgot to enable iMessage on it. 

Note: Your contacts with an Android phone can not receive iMessages. For that, you will need to send them a normal SMS. 

Solution: If you are friends have not yet activated iMessage, suggest to them the following:

Go to Settings -> Messages -> iMessage

By following this path on their iPhone, they can turn on the iMessage button.

Secondly, on your device, go to Settings -> Messages -> Send as SMS. Enable this option so that your contacts with Android can receive messages in a timely manner.

Synchronization Issues with iMessage

Syncing messages across different Apple devices is one of the most useful features. People using iPhones will also receive iMessage on their Mac and iPad if they have one. 

However, iPhone users also face synchronization issues because it is very frustrating when you are receiving messages on your phone but not on other Apple Devices. For example, if you are working on an Mac, due to syncing issues you might miss some important messages received on your iPhone. 


  1. Make sure you are logged in with the same iCloud ID on all Apple devices you want to sync with.
  2. One of the reasons this might happen is because iMessage is not set up properly on one of your devices. Make sure that you are setting up your devices with the same email address and number and it is enabled across all devices. 
  3. On your iOS devices, make sure that the Apple ID and your phone number have been checked. If the ID and number are not checked, make sure to do so. 
  4. image

  5. Once you’re done with this, on your Mac, go to Messages -> Preferences -> iMessage. Here you should see that the same ID and phone number as your iPhone’s should also be checked and toggled on. 
  6. image

  7. Lastly, if you are still facing trouble, then on all your iOS devices toggle off the iMessage button and then toggle on. This will help refresh the app configurations on all the devices. 
  8. image

Deactivate iMessage When Switching from iPhone to Android

Another major issue with iMessage is when you shift from iPhone to Android. Your number is still registered with the iMessage app on your previous iPhone and now when you have shifted to Android, you will still receive messages. Your contacts will be able to see ‘delivered’ when they send you an iMessage. But the message is not able to reach you because you are using an Android phone. 

Since this has become a common problem, Apple Support offers you to deregister from iMessage and turn them off. 

To exit from Facetime:

  1. Settings -> Messages -> Turn off iMessage 
    Note: Do this for all your iOS devices. 
  2. Settings -> FaceTime -> Turn FaceTime off 

Recapping the Troubleshooting Methods for iMessage Issues

The following are some general solutions that you can use when facing issues with iMessage applications. 

  1. Toggle on and off to refresh your iMessage app. Settings -> Messages -> iMessage
  2. Restore network settings
  3. Open Settings -> General -> Go to Reset -> Reset Network Settings

    Note: Make sure to remember all your Wi-Fi passwords because this will clear all network settings, including Wi-Fi. This can help your iMessage app to work. 
  4. Turn off your Wi-Fi and turn it on again to refresh your internet settings. Otherwise, use 3G/4G.
  5. In case nothing works, contact Apple Support

Final Thoughts on How to Fix iMessage Not Working

iMessage is really a handy app by Apple which allows you to communicate with other Apple device users right from the Messages app. Like other Apple apps, iMessage integrates with other Apple devices, including your iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. However, because of the real-time nature and enabling users to use iCloud ID or phone number across Apple devices to send and receive multimedia messages, some of the synchronization issues keep bugging. 

Hopefully, the above steps will help you to fix iMessage common issues. To discuss more, do not forget to post your thoughts in the HackerNoon Community

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by Khunshan Ahmad @khunshan.Writes about tech. Software engineer and digital marketer by profession. Peace.
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