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Iman Mutlaq & INGOT Coin; Setting New Standards

Disclosure: INGOT Coin, the ecoysystem that links crypto to traditional finance, has previously sponsored Hacker Noon.

Iman Mutlaq is a Jordanian entrepreneur, financier and social activist and the Founder/CEO of the Sigma Investments and the Founder of INGOT Coin. Forbes magazine’s Middle East edition, published in 2016 and 2017, ranked Iman Mutlaq 32nd and 41st positions respectively in a list of “The 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen.

Mutlaq was born in Saudi Arabia. Following her father’s death when she was 6 years old, she was raised by her mother. Though her family kept close company with Saudi royals, Mutlaq had to struggle hard, particularly in the absence of her father to become involved in the typical male-centric Arabian public life. She started to sell arts and crafts at school when she was 14 years old in order to support her education.

She established her export-import business at the age of 18 and then entered in the financial industry at the age of 27 covering the regions of Middle East and North Africa. She is the founder of Jordan based Sigma Investments, a financial consultancy firm providing different market and advisory services.

She is a director of Australia based INGOT Brokers, a portal and a brokerage firm which enables trading on global currencies, precious metals, Commodities, ETFs, Shares as well as different Indices including the exclusive products of MENA Shares and Indices.

Sigma investments and INGOT are members of the three member consortium which signed cooperation protocol with Egyptian government to establish a US$35–50m worth electronic Egyptian Commodities Exchange (EGYCOMEX) in Egypt as the first ever country in the MENA region; it will facilitate the well being of the small farmers and supply of products at reasonable prices abolishing the monopoly of goods.

She is involved in angel investments encouraging projects such as her initiative 8X8Women, which enhances women’s creativity and ideas. She is also targeting web development and applications for mobile devices through one of her startups, Dreamtechs

Mutlaq states that “To build on our belief in the importance of a women’s role in her society and the value of their empowerment, we founded our project in hopes of encouraging an educated generation of young women to take charge in developing their skills and knowledge, and be inspired to launch their own projects.”

Iman Believes highly in giving back to the community and has always thought of social responsibility as a duty.

She participated in an expedition with her Jordanian colleagues to Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014 in an effort to support the cancer research initiatives of the King Hussein Cancer Center and gave $1.3 million from the collection. Iman also visits the Zaatari refugee camp for implementing psychosocial support by the IAHV, Jordan; co-funded by the European Union for the Syrian refugees.

Furthermore she joined at the Art of Living Foundation, an initiative of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and became the first instructor for the foundation in Jordan. Subsequently she undertook the leadership as the President of the Geneva headquartered International Association for Human Values(IAHV) in Jordan.

The Obama Administration invited her as a participant from the Middle East at the inaugural US Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in 2010; she met former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke there and discussed issues affecting women in Afghanistan and across the Middle East. She has extended her support in Iraq by introducing six programs among 400 women for advancing in their careers.

INGOT Coin: Bridging Markets

Iman Mutlaq is now fully concentrated on her new project and planning to set new standards for the Industry in terms of blockchain development and financial services.

INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. All components are rolled into a single and complete ecosystem, which rewards token holders and consumers for using and contributing to it. INGOT Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits and discounts within the ecosystem itself. IC will be based on a ERC20 technology.

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