Hackernoon logoIf You Want To Write The 1st API Test In JavaScript You Can Be Proud Of, Read These Tips by@automation-bro

If You Want To Write The 1st API Test In JavaScript You Can Be Proud Of, Read These Tips

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In this post, we'll take a look at what tools/technologies do we need for writing API tests using JavaScript and then we'll also write our first API test. So let's get started...

⚙️ Dependencies:

First off, we'll need to get the following dependencies installed to set up our base framework -

Note: the above libraries/frameworks are optional to use, you can replace any one or all of them to meet your desired goals.

Setup Your Project

You can watch the installation video below to see how to install all these packages and get your project setup:

Write an API Test

Once you have your project setup, we will begin to write our API test in the users.js file (created as part of the installation video above).

import supertest from 'supertest';
const request = supertest('https://gorest.co.in/public-api/');

import { expect } from 'chai';

// watch the installation video to create your token
const TOKEN = {your_token_here}

describe('Users', () => {
  it('GET /users', (done) => {
    // make a GET call to the users api
    request.get(`users?access-token=${TOKEN}`).end((err, res) => {
      // assertion to ensure data is not empty
      // done callback to handle async calls

Run Your Test

Now, its time to run your test, you can do that by running the 

command or doing 
npm test
 which will also run the same 
command if you followed the installation video.


There you go, we just created our first API test and it ran successfully 🙌.

Check out this video to see a detailed explanation on how to write your first API test:

You can also clone the GitHub repo to access this code

To learn more about API testing, check out my free tutorial series here -

I hope this post helped you out, let me know in the comments below!

Happy testing! 😄

Also published at https://dev.to/automationbro/writing-your-first-api-test-using-javascript-15l2


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