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If Blockchain Was a Person

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@febinFebin John James

This story will help you understand Blockchain without getting into the technical aspects.

Imagine a wise man at age 52. His name is William Blockhead.

He goes by the book

William is not interested in material wealth. His happiness is following rules. It is impossible to persuade him. He makes logical decisions based on written rules.

He is the ultimate decision maker

He doesn’t answer to anyone. No one can fire him. His ruling is ultimate.

He is unstoppable

Not only he makes logical decisions. He won’t stop until he sees them implemented.

He is indestructible

He is indestructible. He has wolverine-like healing features. Even if you hurt him, he has a biological system that heals him in no time.

He is quick

Even if you bombard him with tasks. He completes it in the given time.

His charges are nominal

In spite of his strong qualities. You don’t have to pay a hefty price.

He has nothing to hide

If you have suspicions about his decisions. You can ask for records. He would be happy to provide you.

Imagine you are in a dispute with your employer who is not willing to pay as agreed. You go to a court, hire a lawyer and fight. Think of the price you have to pay and the time you have to wait. Sometimes this cost might be more than what your payment was. So chances are you can’t even afford the fight.

But if it goes through William Blockhead. You will have the money in your account the moment your work is accomplished.

Now it is impossible for any human to possess these qualities. Yet, it is programmable. The Blockchain is such a program which has these features. Millions of computers around the world collaborate to execute it.

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