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ICOs in Healthcare industry | Detailed Healthcare ICO sector analysis

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@syedshoebSyed Shoeb

Source: InWara’s ICO database

ICOs in the Healthcare industry: Efficiency statistics

Healthcare industry appears to be taking slow but robust steps in the crowdfunding-based ICOs. As the ICO landscape evolves, mindful investors are expected to try and pick winners. One of the emerging sectors in the race to Crypto-glory appears to be Healthcare.

Healthcare ICOs have thrived in the already depressed Q3, 2018 , jumping from rank 17th in Q2, 2018 to rank 8th in Q3, 2018. The growth albeit slow is steady and solid.

Healthcare among the Top 10 sectors of ICOs in 2018 (Source: InWara Q3 report)
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Geographical Outlook

USA: Healthcare ICOs have seen significant traction in the USA where the country contribution of 29% in Healthcare, is in line with the aggregate contribution also at 29%.

Russia: Interestingly, Russia has seen the significant emergence in the Healthcare space with 6 ICOs being based out of erstwhile Soviet Union with projects like Cryogen raising over $10M.

UK: UK has also emerged as one of the leading geographies with 5 ICOs based here raising over $65M.

Source: InWara’s database

Venture Capital Activity

While the overall public interest in Healthcare has piqued, VCs are taking it slow. Despite the momentum of investments by VCs in Q3 2018, across most of the sectors, Healthcare has seen limited VC action.

Patientory raised four rounds of funding while Burst IQ raised three. It is interesting to note that a majority of these rounds are from healthcare specific VCs and not generic blockchain/digital asset accumulators. This makes the average investor wonder if blockchain is being used as a force-fit and not something that’s natural in the Healthcare space?

Source: InWara’s Private funding database

Active VCs in Healthcare industry

MedTech Innovator

MedTech industry’s Accelerator and Venture Competition for transformative innovations that benefit patients and deliver improved healthcare value.

Millennium Blockchain

Millennium Blockchain is an international holding company focused on actively investing and co-managing blockchain companies, technologies.

StartUp Health

Organizing, supporting, and investing in a global army of Health Transformers to achieve 10 HealthMoonshots to improve the health & wellbeing of everyone.

500 Startups

500 Startups is a venture capital firm with a mission to discover and back talented entrepreneurs, help them create successful companies at scale, and build thriving global ecosystems.

PV Ventures

PV Ventures is a venture capital firm located in Colorado that makes investments in seed stage technology companies.

Luke warm reception on ICOs listing in Healthcare

Source: InWara’s database

Only 17% of Healthcare ICOs are listed on exchanges which potentially creates liquidity issues for investors. Surprisingly, with the number of exchanges up by almost 25% in 2018 vs 2017, listing or otherwise is probably a choice ICOs as opposed to a lack of exchanges.

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Returns on Investment (RoI) a concern in Healthcare ICOs?

The sector is probably expecting teething problems with only 17% ICOs listed. This is coupled with gains — an indexed investment in the Healthcare sector has provided relatively low returns compared with other industries and only 4 ICOs have generated positive returns.

Source: InWara’s database

No “Blockbuster” Fundraisers in Healthcare

Source: InWara’s database

Fund raising has been skewed with Top 5 ICOs raising 60+% of total funds raised in the sector. Also none of the ICOs have raised over $100M.


Shivom: Founded in 2017

Shivom, a German ICO, uses blockchain to secure patient data. Shivom will enable DNA data donors to collaborate with change makers in biotechnology, healthcare industry, and government. Project Shivom is the next evolutionary step in this development by creating a medical genomics ecosystem on the blockchain.

The company is led by Axel Schumacher who has 24 years of experience in the Medical industry and holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of Cologne (1998)

Solve Care

SolveCare: Founded in 2017

Solve Care is an online-platform consisting of Care. Wallet, Care.Protocol, Care.Coin, Care.Card and other components through which the community connects with the clients. This platform empowers the consumer to effectively manage their health care decisions.

Pradeep Goel is the CEO and has 28 years of experience in the healthcare industry.


MedicalChain: Founded in 2016

Medicalchain uses blockchain to store health records in a single version.

Industry participants such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and health insurers can request permission to access a patient’s record to serve their purpose and record transactions on the distributed ledger.

The company is led by CEO & Co-founder Mr. Abdullah Albeyatti


MediBloc: Founded in 2017

MediBloc is an open-source healthcare data platform built on the blockchain. It compiles a complete indexed history of all patient medical information, validating and securing every change along the day.

It can safely secure and integrate scattered data from various institutions, and also collect data from devices like the smartphone. The company is led by Wookyun Kho who has 10 years of experience in software engineering.


Lympo: Founded in 2016

Lympo is a blockchain based mobile application that is aimed at the mobile health (mHealth) industry. The ecosystem would allow one to harness, control, and sell personal health data in a P2P fashion, eliminating third-party control of personal health data and lack of compensation for the resale of such data. Company’s CEO & Founder is Ada Jonuse, who has 10 years of experience in the IT field.

To get a detailed investment analysis on all ICOs and Private funding rounds, visit InWara’s ICO database and Private funding database.

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