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I will donate my whole salary to charity!

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@poutintsevFilip Poutintsev

Crypto Currency, Anarcho-Capitalism and Life Extension Advocate.

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I will donate all profit of my consultation earnings to SENS Research Foundation http://sens.org that does valuable scientific research to fight aging and extend our lifespan.

Life extension and longevity research gets very little public funding, so our help is very much needed!

My hourly fee is $200, but you are free to donate more if want to.


  1. Contact me to discuss details.
  2. Donate directly to SENS: http://www.sens.org/donate
  3. I will start working for you.

If you don’t know what I do please check my personal website: http://poutintsev.com.

In short my specialties are: business management, online business in general, marketing, advertising, start-ups and ICOs.

You can contact me using:
Email: filip.poutintsev@gmail.com
Skype: filip.poutintsev
Telegram: poutintsev

This campaign is carried out with the help of Immortality Foundation, a non-profit educational organization that educates people about life extension, aging and biological immortality: http://www.immortality.foundation

P.S. I urge other business people to follow my example and do the same!


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