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I want my cellphone to be a drone and a moon-ball.

1- I wish my cell to be a moon-ball so I could really play with it on the wall, in metro, in gym, in office or even with my laptop. And whenever there’s a phone call, sure I can answer that later. It’s a win win idea for the children as playing with moon-ball not cellphones will not only save their eyesights but also boost the sportsmanship and creativity.
2- I wish my cell to be a solar charger so that not only I could recharge my cell by itself but I could also recharge my laptop and my raspberry pi server.
3- I wish my cell to be an awesome drone in need. So, I just shake my cellphone and whoa it’s up in the air attending to my commands. So it can be an attached portion along with a remote. At the command, the drone can be detached and it can fly wherever required.
4- I wish a cellphone to be a weighing scale. Any object can be weighed just by a simple hook attached to it’s side.
5- I really want my cellphone to measure blood sugar, sodium, potassium, iodine and perform the needed blood tests on demand.
6- Is it possible for a cellphone to become my glasses like transformer?
7- If a phone can be a moon ball, a phone can be a body massager.
8- A boomrang.
9- If possible become a walking stick for the elderly. And a folding chair or table.
10- A lighter for the smokers, or to lit the candles or burn the stove.
11- I haven’t seen it yet and this is what I had been desiring. A mirror, a really nice mirror. There’ve been a few apps but not a real mirror. Is it there?
12- What about a handy fan when needed.
13- I want my cellphone to have hot and cool sensation. So if I’m feeling hot, it can be behave like an ice cube and when it is cold, it can warm my palms.
14- What if my cellphone is a mouth argon or a piano or hang drum. And when I create music it’s recorded automatically.



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