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I live in my van

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It’s been a year since I moved into my van

At first I was little bit shy about my life style. Most of the people who hear it at the first time would raise an eyebrow and ask “What?” with other questions following. Now, I’m more used to that or it became easier since most of the people who I know, know my life style.

During the last era of time, the usual norm of work and life has changed a lot. Some people will try to get out of this technology overloaded world and want to live off the grid and some use it as an advantage to try out new things like living in van or traveling with one bag around the world.

These kind of shift in social life and my interest in new things has lead me to buy a 1999 Volkswagen Eurovan with all my cash and move into it.

VW Eurovan 1999

When I tell people about my life style the usually ask these question:

  • Where do you take a shower? This is the first question most of the people ask. Which made me think that being clean has the highest priority in life. Taking a shower is pretty easy. Since I workout at a local gym I usually take a shower every morning there.
  • Where do you go to the restroom? Honestly, most of the time at work. Or depending on where I had spent the night I would go to the closest restroom in the mornings. I’ve a pee bottle JUST IN CASE. I used to use at the beginning but not that much lately. Probably my body is accustomed now. Being on a schedule makes things easier. Never had an emergency yet.
  • What about meal? Though I’ve a travel pot and a gas grill, I almost stopped cooking. Maybe I would cook a soup once in a while. I usually have my breakfast at my office since we have a small kitchen. Lunch, always a decent meal, usually from a local place. Sometimes I would have the rest for dinner. I don’t eat much after 6PM, maybe some snacks.
  • How comfortable is it? Do you get tired? Maybe I’m over stating but I get a better sleep than I used to get when I lived in an apartment and even now, it’s often the case when sometimes I crash at friends places. I had only few nights were it was warm and not so much comfortable to sleep. But hey, I live in the Bay Area where most of the apartments don’t even have an AC so can’t complain much about that.
  • So, why are you doing this? I could list many reasons. A main one is, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. And another one is paying more than 1000$ for a place to sleep was just not reasonable, plus the commute... I spend a lot of time at work and not much time at home. We all know how crazy the housing here in the Bay is. But spending more time with myself and figuring out what I enjoy doing, nurturing and practicing my minimalist life style for having less and experiencing more and lastly preparing for my one bag travel through Europe I wish to do were my main motivations.
Behind my laptop while waiting for laundry

My day usually starts at 0500AM, having a strictly routine helps to make less decisions. Who likes to have decision fatigue, right?

After having my breakfast, I go straight into my work. This is my most productive time throughout the day. Once I’m done with a certain task I aimed to finish, I go the gym to workout, usually around 0800AM. I come back to work, have my second breakfast and would work until lunch. I turn off my brain for an hour, spending time with co-workers and playing Smash Bros. Lunch time is a no guilt spending time for me. I get back to my work take a coffee break around 0300PM. I try to finish my work at 0500PM and spend the rest of the evening for myself. This includes learning, practicing my guitar, horse head violin or just meeting friends sometimes. Whatever I do I would try to start preparing for bedtime at 0900PM and sleep by 0100PM.

When I started I thought and imagined myself traveling more often. Specially during the weekends. But I guess I just like spending more time on my computer.

During the last year with ups and downs I never once looked back and regretted for what I’ve chosen. I was blessed at that moment and everything around me made it possible to pull this off. Being able to fit my whole live a van opened many things for me.

A special thanks to dear friend who encouraged me to do it.

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