"I Like Making/Breaking Code", Interview with Aditi Bhatnagarby@noonies
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"I Like Making/Breaking Code", Interview with Aditi Bhatnagar

by NooniesAugust 27th, 2020
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The Tech Industry's Greenest Awards are the tech industry’s most independent and community-driven awards: NOONIES.TECH.Noonie. Nomination for the 2020 Noonie category is Aditi Bhatnagar from India: 2020 nominee in Technology category. Voting starts Aug 13 and the public Nominations are open. The winner will be announced at Hacker Noon on August 13 at 10pm on Hacker Noon. For more information about the #Noonies, visit
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“In these unprecedented times…” People build unprecedented products, and contribute to the internet in unprecedented ways.

Go on, make a fellow human’s day and nominate the best of the best of 2020’s tech industry for a 2020 #Noonie, the tech industry’s most independent and community-driven awards: NOONIES.TECH.

One such impressive human is Aditi Bhatnagar from India: 2020 Noonie nominee in Technology category. Scroll on through for their take on what’s trending in tech today...

1. Which 2020 Noonie have you been nominated for?

Hacker Noon Contributor of The Year: TECHNOLOGY

2. Tell us a bit about yourself.

A technologist, programming brings me joy, I like making/breaking code. Interested in techno-sociology, hacking, thought experiments, brain science, psychology, quantum physics, creativity, blogging etc. In free time I like to read (usually stuff that can question what I already believe/ augment my understanding of the world) and draw comics on sarcastically humorous parts of my life.

3. Tell us about the things you make / write / manage / build.

I work as an engineer @ Microsoft creating end point security solutions. I am also actively involved in privacy and security research, particularly around Android. I have initiated Digitised (, which is an open platform to discuss the overall impact of technology on humans. We conduct research, discussions and workshops to spread awareness and knowledge around techno-sociology, cyber-psychology, security and relevant exciting stuff.

4. What are you most excited about right now?

Cyber Security

5. What are you worried about right now?

Lack of privacy protecting laws and policies

6. What's the most useful advice you've ever given somebody?

Be fluid in opinions until you have gathered enough knowledge to have a view. In this world of information overload, it's important that one creates an opinion and doesn't borrow it on face value.

7. What or Who are you keeping an eye on in 2020?

Corona virus ;)

8. If we gave you $10 million to invest in one thing right now, where would you put it?

In building tools and technologies that can help us cope a pandemic better. Eg: Cheap Eye Glasses to see Corona Virus

9. What's an opinion you have that most people don't agree with?

One need not be schooled for 14 years of one's life!

10. Which apps can't you live without?

Pragmatically, a Phone app that enables dialing and stores my contacts.

11. What are you currently learning?

OS Internals, WiFi technicalities, how to make Italian food and cocktails & creating digital art

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