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How & Why To Execute & Invest In An SEC Compliant ICO

Conference Call September 27th, 2-3pm EST

You can listen/watch a recording of the call below:

In the rapidly evolving ICO ecosystem, one of the few things that most people agree on is that more regulation is coming.

While “uncertainty dominates” in China, the regulators are cracking down on crypto. Regulators in Singapore stated that businesses that issue tokens there will be regulated by the Monetary Authority if the tokens constitute products regulated under the Securities Act. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority told investors to be “conscious of the risks” of ICOs, and, of course, the SEC issued an Investor Bulletin on July 25th stating “Depending on the facts and circumstances of each individual ICO, the virtual coins or tokens that are offered or sold may be securities.”

The regulatory environment is, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, a timely topic of discussion.

Given the importance of this topic, we’ve put together four key thought leaders on cryptocurrency and designing ICOs to comply with SEC regulations. Each of the speakers will be coming at the topic from a different perspective, including an operator about to launch an SEC compliant ICO, a lawyer who’s worked on many leading ICOs, the General Counsel of an investment bank focused exclusively on the crypto capital markets, and an active crypto fund manager.

The hour long call will leave 20 minutes at the end of for questions.

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Speaker Bios:

Mike Jones, CEO and Founder of Science , a successful L.A. based incubator currently in the process of executing an ICO to provide capital for Science Blockchain, an incubator focused exclusively on companies in the distributed ledger space.

Emma Channing, General Counsel at Argon Group, an investment bank focused exclusively on the digital finance sector — specifically the emerging digital token based capital markets. Emma is a key participant in the ICO marketplace, and has been directly involved in a number of the most prominent ICOs structured to operate within SEC guidelines.

Tom Kineshanko, Co-Founder of Protos Cryptocurrency Asset Management, a tokenized hedge fund that invests in pre-ICO tokens and trades established tokens like Bitcoin using quantitative strategies. Tom is also a Co-Founder and advisor at First Block Capital, Canada’s first ever licensed investment fund focused exclusively on cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Lee Schneider, Counsel at Debvoise & Plimpton, and a member of the firm’s Financial Institutions Group, where he heads the broker-dealer regulatory and FinTech practices. Lee is recognized as a leading blockchain lawyer from his work on Coinbase’s “A Securities Law Framework for Blockchain Tokens.”

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