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In this article, we are going to share our story and explain you how we got our 2.7K users in 2 weeks for Feedier.

March 2018 — Getting started

Feedier is the born with the mission of making feedback fun again by gamifying the experience and valuing the customers’ time. We know how valuable customer feedback is to grow a business, and we want you to take that into account by letting you create your own reward and engagement programs.

In a nutshell, Feedier does the following:

  • Give customers an enjoyable and interactive way to submit feedback
  • See real-time insights, reports, and analytics from one dashboard
  • Issue vouchers and other rewards to increase brand loyalty
  • Collect 5-star reviews, testimonials, and more. Engage after the feedback!

How to grow our business❓

In order to grow an online business, you have tons of different channels to play with, but most of them are usually very expensive or not that effective. Whether you want to do advertising, cold emails, content, retargeting, infographics, affiliates or whatever you come up with, it usually costs serious money and time to attract new users.

And you’re not sure about the result nor the quality of the leads.

So, after a few months, Feedier was doing good, but could do better. We were simply looking for the right channel to grow and find our first niches.

That’s where AppSumo came in.

What is AppSumo?

In a nutshell, AppSumo is a big community of entrepreneurs, created by the prominent entrepreneur Noah Kagan. Their mission is to track down good softwares that would be helpful for their community, and work out a life time access deal for them.

Maxime from PixelMe told me about the success of their campaign earlier in 2017, and recommended me to use this channel as a lever to growth. Simply attracted, I asked Maxime to introduce Feedier to the AppSumo team.

Here we are… a few emails back and forth with Jeff from AppSumo and the different stakeholders to make sure our campaign run smoothly, a deal worked out, and we are all sorted.

Meet Feedier on AppSumo for 2 weeks, starting June 25.

June 25th, 2018 — Starting the campaign

Let me recall the first day of the campaign, before jumping into more benefits and why we enjoyed it.

The campaign started at 9am CT on June 25, and we got interesting feedback from the outset.

After 24H, just as an example, here are where we were at:

  • 300 sales
  • 250 new signups
  • 150 new conversations in Intercom
  • 3 calls for partnership opportunities
  • 12 5-stars reviews
  • And we even got a Youtube video review
Preview of the video and interview by Mark Tiderman

This is what our first day looked like. Which was simply restless but amazing!

The campaign runs in different phases. You first get started with a soft launch, which means that your product hangs on their website but they haven’t pushed any email to their community yet. Then, during the second week, they push the email, which brings tons of traffic, active users on the application and new sign ups very quickly. Support team and server on fire! 🔥

Finally, if your deal goes well, they send a recap FOMO email 48H before the deal ends, which brought us around 800 additional sales.

Enough about the story, let me dig in what we eventually pull out of this campaign and how we managed to get more than 2K users.

First, AppSumo is not coming alone when you run a campaign with them. They bring their community of 1M+ Entrepreneurs of all fields and horizons.

Which is a good start. 🙂

The community was very pumped about this life time deal worth 1K for only $49, and we quickly get significant results.

Feedier received more 2 500 new users

Thanks to this efforts and campaign, we eventually welcomed more than 2.5K new users, which is, to put it simple, AMAZING.

We also collected tons of feedback, and we have adapted our Roadmap based on that. We simply got a lot of new users very quickly without actually spending money on advertising or anything. The only cost is the long term usage. But hopefully, the most loyal customers who love Feedier will turn into monthly subscribers.

In a nutshell, we ended up with the following results:

  • 2.7K new users
  • 3.5K sales 🍾
  • 16K sessions
  • 300+ feedbacks
  • 1.2K conversations

But running such a campaign doesn’t come at no cost neither, don’t get me wrong… You have to be aware of a few things.

  • You receive tons of good feedback, but also very negative comments and reviews. So, watch out and be ready! 🙇‍
  • Your server must be ready to handle such amount of traffic
  • The amount of support needed, we closed 1,2K conversations in 2 weeks
  • AppSumo take a substantial cut on the actual money you receive, since they have to make a living and reinvest in the campaign (email, advertising, and more).
  • This is only the low hanging fruits, you need to use these users to create a bigger community and grow your product.
Conversations in Intercom on Feedier

The AppSumo team was very helpful

This deal-breaker opportunity doesn’t appear by magic: the AppSumo team, and especially Jeff, our direct contact at AppSumo, helped us on all the way.

We have first worked out the copy for our deal page with their help and they gave us feedback on the product. Then, they have added us on their Slack team for a smooth communication.

After the campaign, they eventually demonstrated their willingness to build long-term relationships by providing us very valuable feedback and advices for the future. Kudos! 🙏

For instance, I got a call with Nick, their Paid Advertising Expert who gave me a few tips for the future.

Those new users, opportunities, and feedback would not have been possible otherwise.

What to do with those feedback?

We have released 3 major releases during the campaign, along with additional smaller releases, with our development team constantly on the move for improvements and bug patching based on our user feedback.

All our new users have also contributed to our Public Roadmap and will help us prioritize for the next few months.

We are very grateful for all the feedback our users gave us so far, let’s make feedback great again. 🙌

What’s next?

On the product side, you can expect:

  • A version 2 of our reporting tools with Machine Learning analysis, Pdf exports and much more!
  • Pipelines and question variables
  • A new bot that will create your ideal Carrier
  • Transitional screens based on the to create quizz-like experience
  • More gamification and contests between your respondents
  • Public page for your feedback
  • A better preview and edit experience with realtime edit
  • Improvements on the API side

On the company level, you can also expect:

  • Affiliate program
  • Customer feedback guide
  • More use cases
  • And more surprises 😍


  • AppSumo is great for any online business looking for quick growth and tons of feedback
  • It must be a common choice in your team, everyone has to be ready and willing to handle whatever it takes
  • The AppSumo team is very friendly and helpful on all the way
One of the 67 reviews we received on AppSumo

So, convinced?

Grab a seat for free at and create gamified surveys now! 🚀

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