How Top Tech Marketers Receive Quality Traffic: 7 Tips Proven to Reap Recurring Revenue for Yearsโ€‚by@gurulwanga

How Top Tech Marketers Receive Quality Traffic: 7 Tips Proven to Reap Recurring Revenue for Years

There are 3 ways to win the Internet Game: Get traffic, build trust and get conversions. Content marketing is key: It takes time to grow a blog to 100,000 visits a month. Integrated marketing is most effective: Make your Ad look like an article and use Google Adverts to get better ROI. The basic rule of persuasion should be giving people what they want. An advertorial blends almost any marketing message to the needs of the user, making it difficult to ignore. It's a big mistake to give a product to someone who seeks information.
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Guru Lwanga is a tech copywriter. Over 5 years, heโ€™s been accused of having a solid understanding of the content game

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I worked as a content marketer for various digital marketing agencies. Together, we ranked hundreds of thousands of pages on Google's #1. Here are 7 things we learned.

1. There Are 3 Ways To Win The Internet Game.

There are several reasons why tech marketers love the internet. Some want to be celebrities in their niche. Others want to sell their courses and consulting programs, and some, want to fill their pipeline with qualified leads...consistently. Here's a hint. You can achieve all those with content marketing. You have to meet 3 conditions though:

  1. Get traffic.
  2. Build trust.
  3. Get conversions.

Most businesses think they nailed one area and failed in the other. For example: A consulting client would tell me they have a good product, that they spend $5 a day on Meta Ads, that they get some traction but can't get a sale. So if I could just help them increase conversions, everything would be fine.

But they don't understand that without trust, there's no sale and without a sale, there's no business. So it's either you nail everything or you fail at everything. I know your desire to succeed. Just make tactics on how to increase in each of the three metrics and sooner or later, you'll meet your marketing objectives.

2. Consistency Is Key

Secondly, I learned the importance of consistency. Consistency means doing the same thing even if you're not seeing results. No, that's not insanity. Notice that I said 'not seeing results' as opposed to 'not getting results.' Anytime you publish a blog post, you have to share it. And when you share it, someone will read it.

Each time, we plant a seed when we publish. We don't know where or when the first buyer comes from. But when the leads come in, when they swamp your website like a storm, you'll realize that all those efforts were not in vain. Some people ask: "What's the best publishing frequency?" Well, you'll never go wrong publishing daily. Just the way we feed our body.

3. Content Marketing Takes Time

Sorry to say this: It takes time to grow a blog. Content marketing takes time. And if anyone told you you could make 6 figures through a blog in 90 days, you've probably been lied to by a guru. You see, there are several Internet Marketing challenges. But traffic that comes quickly like that also disappears quickly.

Traffic that moves with trends disappears with the trend. And before you scale, they'll be gone. Examine almost any claim: Someone could spend a million dollars growing a blog to 100,000 visits a month. He's achieved his goal, YES. But are you sure he got the necessary returns? Anyway, you can take small steps or take the strides. You can grow on the ordinary lane or the fast-lane. What I know is that it will take time before you recover your initial investment in time and money.

4. Integrated Marketing Is Most Effective.

If you run Google ADs to content, you'll get better ROI. I know you're asking: 'What does this dude mean, running Google Ads to content?' Yes, I mean making your Ad look like an article. Most people hate Ads. As a copywriter, I write Ads, but never watch any Ad on youtube. In fact, I have an arsenal of Ad blockers and browsers for this specific purpose.

Counterintuitive right? You can't blame us. Consumer behaviour changed. People browse online for various reasons. They may seek entertainment, seek information, or seek products and services. It's a big mistake to give a product to someone who seeks information. Or giving a discount to someone who seeks entertainment.

The basic rule of persuasion should be giving people what they want. An advertorial blends almost any marketing message to the needs of the user, making it difficult to ignore. I'm inspired to coin some names. If you're on Google, combine your Ad with some problem-solving information, That's an Advertorial. If you're on Youtube, combine your Ad inside a useful video. Videotorial. In fact, it doesn't have to be labeled as an Ad and you don't have to pay Ad platforms. I'll expound on this next time.

5. Begin with the end in mind

The Internet likes organized people. See, I once made a website. I wrote all the service pages. I wrote the about page, contact page, and most importantly, homepage. Then I started putting the CTAs. And I realized we had nothing valuable to offer our readers.

What did I do? I canceled everything, went back to the drawing board, and made something valuable for our readers. The whole website content was then written around that valuable content. We had more clarity, clear messaging that wouldn't leave a reader confused. I see startup websites with mega menus, are they competing with Amazon or what?

6. Always Leverage

There's always a way of getting more out of every action. Most people ask: I've written some content but can't get traction. So they keep hiring and firing new writers, hoping that one day, they too will get a writer, who will write good content, so they too, can also get traction. That's a long sentence. I know. But you must realize that what you need isn't more content but more marketing.

You can always turn one article into a video, another slide, another podcast, and much more. You could make some edits on one article and publish it as a guest post. You could take a chapter out of an eBook and publish it in a magazine. Optimization comes before innovation. See, we wanted to explore the space yet we didn't know how to wash hands.

7. Content Marketing Is Not for everyone

Finally, content marketing is not for everyone and not everyone who takes this path succeed. If referrals are the main source of customer acquisition, stick with that. If you get business through direct mail, stick with that. Let those who are good on social media do influencer marketing. And let those who are good with videos use youtube.

Most startups have fear of missing out. They diversify their efforts before mastering one main customer acquisition channel. Content marketing needs SEO. It's for those who are in a good niche worth blogging about. A niche that people feel comfortable writing comments about something. Nobody is interested in reading boring press releases and how a certain company partnered with the other.

The ordinary web surfer is a truth seeker. They seek good and unique information. You just have to find ways of winning this person so he keeps coming back to read your blog.

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