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How to Write the Perfect Essay

What we learn from the process of putting an essay together mean more than just what we hand in to our teacher or professor; these are communication skills that should last us a lifetime. From compiling reliable sources, prioritizing our time, and expressing our thoughts clearly and succinctly, these are skills that could potentially land us our dream job.

Any professional writer will espouse the importance of revising, revising, and more revising. Taking the proofreading step to the next level, periodically looking over our work for spelling mistakes and structural errors is one of the key steps to writing essays. Coincidentally, practicing pacing ourselves and taking things simply one step at a time are overarching qualities that will take us much further than just writing. The practical skills can’t be ignored either, after all, even tech people need to know how to write. Avoiding run-on sentences, misused commas, and excessive wordiness are basic, but easily forgotten pieces to essay structure.

For many of us, the demand for essays vanishes once we finish school. However the skills we’ve learned along the way should stay with us well into our adult life. Take a look at this infographic from for more on how to write an essay like a PhD, what it means to have honed essay skills in professional settings, and what roll these skills play in our communication and beyond.

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