Hackernoon logoReplay of : “How To Value Cryptocurrency 2.0 “— Conference Call on October 23rd by@loukerner

Replay of : “How To Value Cryptocurrency 2.0 “— Conference Call on October 23rd

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Here’s the link to Ari Paul’s slides

Here’s the link to Gil Penchina’s slides

Here’s the link to Trevor Korverko’s slides

Our best attended cypto conference call to date was this remarkably informative call on September 7th, “How To Value Cryptocurrency”, which was a macro look at crypto valuation:

The blog post “The 7 Things You Need To Know From The Valuing Cryptocurrency Conference Call” is my second most read crypto piece to date (after a recent big picture crypto post “7 Thoughts…”).

Now, with Bitcoin blowing through $5,000, September breaking the record for ICO funding (at over $800 million), and almost two months since our last valuation call (2 months in cryptoland = 2 years IRL), we felt it was time to re-visit crypto valuation, but from a micro perspective.

On this call, we’re asking three leading crypto investors to each pick one crypto investment, and walk through in detail why they believe it’s a good investment, what are the factors they see that are likely to drive the price higher, and the risks they’ve identified that they’re willing to accept for their perceived upside.

While we generally have four speakers on a call, we’re excited to have only three renowned crypto investors on this call, leaving more room, after the prepared remark,s for questions from the audience.

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Speaker Bios:

Ari Paul — Co-founder and CIO of BlockTower Capital a leading cryptocurrency investment firm. Ari was previously a portfolio manager for the University of Chicago’s $8 billion endowment, and a derivatives market maker and proprietary trader for Susquehanna International Group (SIG).

Gil Penchina — Co-founder and Advisor at Pryze, the world’s first automated sweepstakes protocol. Gil is a serial entrepreneur, and prolific angel investor. He is the former founder of Flight.vc, co-founder of Fastly, CEO of Wikia, and was a member of the pre-IPO team at eBay. He is a partner at Ridge Ventures and an investor in 70+ companies over the last 12 years, including: AngelList, Brave, Ripple, Filecoin, Civic, and Dollar Shave Club.

Trevor Koverko — Founder of Polymath, an open platform that gives businesses access to the blockchain, smart contracts and token creation technology. Prior to Polymath, Trevor was a crypto investor and advisor to projects including the Ethereum project. Earlier Trevor founded eProf.com, an online education platform, Digital Assets Int’l, a tech private equity firm, and an Oculus Rift-based project that became the world’s first VR exit. Trevor was a professional hockey player after being drafted by the NY Rangers in 2005.

Click here to register for the call at GoToWebinar

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