How to Use FFXIV Glamour and Become the Trendiest Hero of Eorzea by@ffixivguidebook

How to Use FFXIV Glamour and Become the Trendiest Hero of Eorzea

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Final Fantasy XIV may have big bosses to slay and shiny gear to loot, but the actual game lies in how fashionable you are. You can take part in the FFXIV fashion game with Glamour. In essence, Glamour allows you to change the appearance of your gear without affecting your stats. Whether you want to stun the players around you with your trendy threads or simply feel the need to express yourself, knowing how the Glamour system works is key. Are you ready to become the trendiest hero of Eorzea?

How to Start Using Glamour

To grant yourself the ability to use Glamour, you need to complete a level 15 quest: If I Had a Glamour. Head over to Horizon in Western Thanalan (x:12.6, y:14.3) and speak with the quest giver, Swyrgeim. Once you’ve done their bidding, you’ll unlock the Glamor system. Huzzah!

You’ll also need to complete a couple more quests from Swyrgeim to get the whole fashion experience FFXIV has to offer. One will give you access to dyeing to change the colors of your gear, and the allows crafters to create Glamour Prisms.

Now you’re ready to take the proverbial catwalks of your favorite city by storm.

Applying Glamour and Rules

Applying a dazzling look to your current gear is more straightforward than saving money for a Louis Vuitton handbag. First, you need to have a Glamour Prism. Then,  all you need to do is select the gear you want to Glamour and select Cast Glamour from the menu. This will open two side-by-side windows; one with your chosen item and the other with a list of items in your inventory you can Glamour over it. Select the one you want, and you’re good to go.


A few rules to keep in mind:

●     Gear can only have one Glamour on it at a time

●     Glamour can only be removed a) if another item’s appearance is applied or b) by using a Glamour Dispeller item.

●     Glamour can only be applied to items that are compatible with the Job you are currently using

●     Glamour items must be at your level or below to apply them to your gear.

●     Once you use a Prism to apply Glamour to an item, it’s consumed and removed from your inventory.

How to Acquire Glamour Prisms

Apart from actual items to Glamour, you’ll need reagents called Glamour Prisms. You can acquire these items in two ways:

You can craft them after acquiring the corresponding recipe for your crafting Job from your crafting Master. The ingredients vary based on your crafting Job:

Carpenter: Clear Prism, Walnut Lumber, Wind Crystal, Ice Crystal

Blacksmith: Clear Prism, Steel Ingot, Fire Crystal, Earth Crystal

Armorer: Clear Prism, Steel Rivets, Ice Crystal, Earth Crystal

Goldsmith: Clear Prism, Silver Ingot, Wind Crystal, Fire Crystal

Leatherworker: Clear Prism, Toad Leather, Earth Crystal, Wind Crystal

Weaver: Clear Prism, Undyed Velveteen, Lightning Crystal, Wind Crystal

Alchemist: Clear Prism, Growth Formula Gamma, Water Crystal, Lightning Crystal

You can also purchase Crystal Prisms. The Marketboard is one place but can be a total ripoff. What you’ll want to do instead is use Company Seals to buy your Prisms from your Grand Company. Getting Seals is pretty easy by doing Roulettes, FATEs, and Hunting Logs.

Using Glamour Plates

There’s an alternative way for applying Glamour to your gear. The method mentioned above requires that you have items stored in your Inventory and Armoire to apply them to your equipment. That takes up unnecessary space.

Glamour Plates are essentially like pre-made loadouts for your Glamour. The only cost for applying them is to be inside the room of an Inn in a City. In these rooms, you’ll find the Glamour Dresser, where you can store up to 400 items. Aside from allowing you to keep your precious space decluttered and applying Glamour more smoothly, it also allows you to set up your Glamour Plates. Select Edit Glamour Plates to create entire looks, which you can then apply in one go to your whole gear set.