How To Stay Charged At Work When Vacation Is Not An Option

In an ideal scenario, I would love to give my team members as many leaves for vacation as possible, but we don’t live in an ideal world. Being someone who understands the importance of taking breaks, I can understand from where it is coming when an employee asks for a break from work.

However, it is not always possible to allow them to take a day or two off from work. Instead of allowing them to go out for a vacation what I do instead is to make sure that the office environment is maintained in such a way that they don’t feel stressed, rather they stay charged at their work throughout the time they spend with us here at ProofHub.

So, what we do? Well, there is no secret sauce to our recipe of happiness at workplace. I’d like to share some things we try here at ProofHub while working that keep the entire team charged up -

Shuffle the seats

You cannot change everything about your job, but there’s certainly one thing that you can — your seats. It can be quite refreshing to get a change in surrounding work environment. It could rejuvenate the creative buds, inspiring you to put more focus on work, and let go off all the distractions that were hampering your productivity earlier.

I remember this practice was used by our social science teacher during school days. She used to shuffle the seats of students every day, shifting each set of students in the row next to where they were seated the previous day. When I came to professional life, this practice made complete sense especially when I started looking for ways to kill monotony at workplace.

Refresh the routine

Monotony could literally kill you. If you don’t want to die with the dose of monotony it is time to bring a change in your routine. Shuffle the tasks a bit, switch the roles within the department based on interest or simply change the roles a little to make the monotonous routine more challenging and refreshing.

This could be a simple trick, which works not only works towards refreshing the routine, but at the same time helps in igniting the spark of creativity that can take your team productivity through the roof.


We cannot remain hooked up to the computer or mobile screen for the entire day. Such habits are causing a serious damage to not just our productivity, but at the same time physical and mental health as well. That’s why we practice technology fast every week.

Once a week, mostly on Fridays we switch off the computer screens, our cellular devices and all the other technological equipment and unplug. This has proved to be a highly effective trick in making my team members more enthusiastic about their work, and also has reduced the complaints of burnouts, which were increasing at an alarming rate a few months back.

Have lots of fun

I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun. — Thomas A. Edison

I idolize this quote. And, I practice what I preach. Ask any of the team members at ProofHub and you will get to know how much fun we have at work. There is not a single dull moment. Team members are stealing each other’s stuff for fun, cracking jokes, and laughing & giggling — it seems like every day is a big party.

We are all here to celebrate the feeling of being together as a team and pour our heart into work so that we can grow, personally as well as professionally. So, there are not many scenarios when we someone would come and say they need a break!

These were just a few tricks that we implement at work. And, I am certain there are many other managers out there who have their own style of doing things. What do you do to make sure that teams stay supercharged at work? Do share in the comments, so that everyone else can learn and implement those tips.

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