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How to Start a Successful Remote Work Career

Remote work is the dream of many developers. Work with flexible hours, the place you feel most comfortable and productive, without traffic stress and many other benefits that this style of work provides.

Here are some very direct tips that can help you secure a job for a remote Job:

  • Portfolio: It facilitates a lot in the candidate’s choice. I often say that it’s not about your job, it’s about you. With it, the Company can see its style, know a little of the projects that worked and that’s a good thing. Github helps a lot, open source is highly valued by several companies.
  • Blogging: Sharing knowledge with the community adds a lot of value to your personal marketing. You can get acquainted and in such a way it demonstrates that it dominates certain subject, with that the chances of painting a job are greater.
  • Events: Going to Events is a great way to expand your network. In them, you know a lot of influential people who can, at any moment, offer you a job opportunity.
  • Remote work sites: Always be aware of the many sites focused, mostly on remote works. Every day there are several opportunities for you to apply, especially overseas. Here are some links: WeWorkRemotely, RemoteOk, Remotive.

Three pillars for remote work to succeed

Discipline, communication and commitment. Start practicing right now. The fact of being remote does not mean that you will have to work when you want and do what you want.

It has tasks to be accomplished and deadlines. With these skills, you will do very well.

In general, for remote work, it is imperative that you have a resume, preferably in .pdf. Always have the same in English as well, and practice your English right away. Outside, the remote culture is much broader than here in Brazil.

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