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How to set up Continuous Delivery to Heroku

The main idea of Continuous Delivery is to allow developers to build, test and deploy software faster and more frequently.

This tutorial will explain you how to optimize your workflow so that your application is automatically tested and pushed to Heroku on every push to the Master branch using Buddy CI/CD. Please keep in mind you’ll need a Heroku account with one empty application to use it in your Buddy pipeline.

Initializing version control for your project

First we need to import your project to Buddy and put it under version control. For this presentation we should use a simple servlet-based Java web application.

  • Create a new project, choose Buddy as the Git provider, use the 
    Import ZIP archive option and paste the link to the Java project: https://assets.buddy.works/guides/buddy-simple-java-project.zip
Importing project to Buddy


  • If you’re a GitHub user, you can fork the sample project from our profile, select GitHub as the provider, and select the project from the list upon integrating
  • If you’re not familiar with Git, this guide will help you get started

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