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How to Protect Your Netflix Account from Getting Hacked

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Netflix accounts getting hacked are the least bit of anyone’s concern. Not because it doesn’t mean anything to us, but we anticipate little harm from it. After all, what more can a hacker do than to watch a few titles, get to see their favorite shows or movies? But that’s not always the case. We have left this issue unsupervised for far too long, and there is harm more significant than we give credit for. 

Netflix is the most popular streaming site, no doubt about that, but it is the most expensive compared to Disney+, Hulu, and other services that cost less than $10. Everyones a freebie these days, and more since the pandemic hit the world and these streaming services became the last resort for them to maintain their insanity while being broke. 

But all sympathies aside, stealing and hacking into someone’s account is a crime that we should not encourage no matter what the circumstances. Netflix holds your email, password, and your payment details that is sensitive information. This information is not for any outsider, and any breaches are dangerous to you and your cybersecurity altogether. 

How does it happen, and how can you spot and protect yourself from any mysterious activities that come your way, read ahead and find out the right ways to stay vigilant and active regarding your online security because it’s not just about movies anymore. 

How Netflix Accounts Get Hacked?


As much as we love advanced technological discoveries, it does bring out a negative aspect in it, one of which is cybercrime. While there are alot in number, our focus are the ones which help hackers get hold of someone’s Netflix account by illegal means. Some of them are as follows:

Phishing Scams

Hackers send out mass emails to numerous users with a fake link attached, disguised as Netflix officials. These links lead the users to a fake page where they are required to sign up or sign in, exposing their credentials and credit card details to the hacker. 

Login on Public Devices

Users tend to leave their hotels or Airbnb without signing out from their Netflix account on public devices. It is a common yet careless mistake that gives the next person leverage to use someone’s account according to their will or even retrieve the email and use it for other means. Hence always log out from all devices when abroad or using a public device.

How to Protect Your Netflix Account from Getting Hacked?


Figure out if you are Hacked

If you want to check out your account security and safety in general, then start looking for any unusual behavior on your account. Their watch history or recommendations will leave traces behind of what the hacker was watching or looking for on your Netflix. 

If you have an email notification, you will get notified if someone from a different device has logged into your account using your original credentials. When you get this email, you have to act quickly and immediately take some action.

You may also receive unusual emails that have nothing to do with you or may ask you to click on a link or something that will look suspicious. Do not click on links; they are most likely to be scams and attempt to spoof you or get valuable information out of your system. This tip is not just specific to Netflix but for all online mediums.

Account Recovery

Get to work immediately, visit the Netflix guide for account recovery, and follow the steps effectively to secure your account and details.  

Report the problem and fraud immediately to Netflix authorities and add your phone number to change or recover your password whenever you lose it. It will give you extra control over your account, and Netflix does not have a two-way authentication system since the idea was to make the interface and service and simple for its users as possible, that too, for all age groups. 

Keep Yourself Secure

Modern-day technology promotes everyone to keep themselves secure, physically, mentally, and, most importantly, virtually. It requires the use of special tools like a Smart DNS or a VPN for Netflix. 

A VPN is a multi-purpose tool used to keep your Netflix account secure from uninvited visitors and bring out the best in the service. Netflix has numerous libraries based on the regions they belong. Each country has its own content collection exclusive to that are only, which means that you may be missing out on a lot of new and popular titles just because of the licensing issue.

A VPN helps you bypass the geo-restrictions on Netflix by changing your region virtually and opening up many libraries for you to stream from. Moreover, a VPN will also keep your online footprint anonymous at all stages. No matter what site you visit or any transaction you conduct online, everything will remain secure, and no one will track or log that data. 

Report any Security Flaws

Lastly, inform Netflix of any flaws or issues you may notice or encounter in your user experience on Netflix. Repeatedly report the problem and keep the authorities in the loop as to what issues you are facing. 

The Netflix team continuously improves its system and keeps it secure for the user by fixing it promptly. These acts keep the users satisfied and help them feel secure. But you still have to be vigilant and keep an open eye towards any mysterious activity. Keep yourself prepared and have the correct knowledge of what you can do to prevent any inconveniences.  

How to Secure Your Netflix Account?

These are the rules that you should abide by if you want to keep things secure from your end. 

  1. Change your password every few months; use strong password generators for that. And keep it different for all your accounts. 
  2. Set up a 4 digit Pin for your Netflix account to keep unauthorized users out.
  3. Sign out of all devices when you are done watching your shows. 
  4. If nothing seems to work, delete your account altogether and create a new one with a new secure email and password. 
  5. Always use a VPN on your devices.


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