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How to protect code with Buddy and GitHub status checks

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This article will explain how to secure yourself from merging errors in your GitHub projects with BuddyWorks tests run on Buddy.


Git along with its branches seems to be the best invention over the ages (at least for developers). Adding branches, gitflow and pull requests to development workflow is a perfect way to make your code quality better.

Gitflow in practice usually looks like this:

  1. Junior Developer gets a task ‘extend a new feature’
  2. He/she adds a new branch and codes the feature
  3. Once the feature is ready, the developer adds a pull request
  4. Senior Developer checks the code and assigns back with the comments
  5. Eventually, the feature branch is merged into the master branch and the brand new feature is ready to be deployed

Bear in mind that no matter how well-skilled the Senior Dev is, such approach doesn't guarantee that the code includes no errors.

The principle rule of Continuous Integration states that all changes made in the code need to be tested before merging them to the master branch.

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