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How to Pick the Best Email Marketing Platform

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Email marketing, where many view it as a dying industry, is still very active - by 2024, it is estimated that more than 361 billion emails will be sent each and every day. This massive resource is already being utilized by many different companies to market a wide array of products and services. Email marketing can be much more effective than other forms of marketing campaigns - email marketing campaigns have been shown to acquire 40 times more customers than Twitter and Facebook campaigns combined. Email offers can also make customers spend more than twice as much with a special email offer. Marketing professionals say that email engagement is their top metric for measuring content performance, that email is one of their top free and organic distribution channels, and that email newsletters are their most used form of content marketing. 

Even though millions of marketing emails are sent out, only 20% of marketing emails are actually opened by recipients. A number of techniques can make your email more appealing and help improve your click-through rates. Replacing uninteresting or irrelevant subjects lines in favor of more personal and brief subject lines can make consumers click on your emails more. This can be accomplished by using a customer’s name or location and keeping the subject line 10 words or less.

Nearly 15% of marketing emails are reported as spam for a number of different reasons. Many are signed up to newsletters and other marketing emails without their permission from online customers who made a purchase, purchased or rented lists, or business card collection. A few easy ways to help boost your marketing email’s credibility is to ask users to opt-in to getting emails, explaining the benefits of such emails, and setting a schedule for recurring emails.

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