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Market Scenarios: Bitcoin Could Reach $25,000 Soon

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The recent days in the cryptocurrency market have
inspired great optimism. In 24 hours, the price of bitcoin rose by more
than $3,000 and set a new all-time record at around $23,700. This
happened even faster than many analysts expected.

Now the price of bitcoin has returned to the $23,000 level, and its movement has temporarily stopped. Now it has become much more difficult to predict further changes in the price of the first cryptocurrency than before. The fact is that for the past three years, analysts have relied
on existing charts and levels of resistance and support, as well as on
proven scenarios. Now when bitcoin is more expensive than ever,
analyzing it has become more risky.

However, we still have some technical analysis tools, and today we will talk about the most likely scenarios.

Now we are witnessing a breakout of the “ascending triangle” pattern, which has already been repeatedly observed on the bitcoin chart.

This movement is a very good signal for the market and for the bulls in
particular, but big capital does not like many open long positions. In such
situations, there is often a "short squeeze" on stop losses and
margin calls.

We can expect several waves of growth, as a result of which the price will
reach $25,000 and then collapse to $20,000. This will be a good
opportunity to buy an asset, which will be used by those who did not
have time to do this before the explosive growth began
”,— believes Alex Lebed, Head of Development at xSigma DeFi, a blockchain R&D lab launched by ZK International, a publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: ZKIN).The company recently announced the launch of a decentralized exchange for trading stablecoins.

We are less likely to see the beginning of a correction in the coming
days. Then there will be no growth waves mentioned above. Similar
scenario happened between 13 and 16 November this year.

However, bitcoin looks very good in the long run. First, a lot of capital is
invested in the market, and there are no reversal patterns on the chart.
Secondly, during price drawdowns, bitcoin is bought very quickly, and
in general, price movements downward are similar to speculative
manipulations. So, in general, everything looks very optimistic, and now
there are no hints of a fall in bitcoin, as it was at the end of 2017.


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