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How To Manage Remote Employees for Better Productivity by@Bhagyashree

How To Manage Remote Employees for Better Productivity

Bhagyashree shreenath HackerNoon profile picture

Bhagyashree shreenath

Bhagyashree Shreenath is a full-time Content Specialist and a part-time influencer.

Work From Home and Remote working is now the new normal across the globe. The Covid-19 outbreak has widely impacted businesses all over the world. Organizations need to initially focus on employees’ well being with regard to this pandemic and take the required steps to revive their productivity and sustain performance.

The employees may be filled with frustration, anxiety and fear under these
uncertain circumstances around them. If left alone or unattended in these
times, it may result in declining employee morale and productivity. With all
this running over their mind and having no one to talk to, may end up making them less engaged in the work.

Hence, leaders and managers need to figure out and have a plan to make sure that their employees feel comfortable and the business operations continue to run smoothly.

One of the best ways to this is by using technology and tools like a Remote Team Management Software or an HR software that gives clear visibility to the management as well as the employees. Here’s what to choose an appropriate one for your organization.

Choosing right tools

While choosing tools for managing your remote team, you need to be very vigilant and make sure you don’t end up spying your employees. Select a tool that makes your employees feel comfortable while using it. It should be able to automate the processes easily and reduce the duplication of effort for the employees.

The software should have an intuitive and engaging interface with easy to use functionalities, so that the employees are quickly learn and start utilizing it in their daily operations.

The next and the most important aspect to look for are the features of the software. First ensure that it satisfies all your requirements. Choose the one that involves an uncomplicated on boarding process and is pretty self-explanatory. This will make it effortless for you and your employees to transition and adapt the software.

Now, once you have the right tools, managing your remote team will be a cake walk for you.

Tips to Manage Your Remote Employees

Promote Transparency

The first requirement to have successful remote work environment is to have a transparent work culture. Having visibility will enable you as well as your team to analyze and understand the status of the work and offer support if required.

However, the employees should be comfortable with this visibility levels. Also, explain them that this performance management tool is not to monitor or micro-manage them, in fact it just a way to help them coordinate with each other easily.

Manage Individual And Team Workload

You should focus that none of your employees are over-loaded with more number of assignments. Through the software you can have a clear visibility on who is working on what for the day. This will help you to have a glimpse over your team’s workload and balance accordingly.

If in case you identify that one of your team member has a lot of things over his plate and the another member has less volume of work then you can quickly re-align and ensure that no one has to be burdened.

Foster Work From Home Autonomy

Managers should trust their employees that they are self-sufficient and dedicated towards achieving their goals, without the constant monitoring by their leads. These performance management systems will help them to track and monitor their own productivity and goals.

They can figure out on their own what works well for them, what does not, what can distract them etc to develop a unique workflow in order to avoid missing on deadlines.

Ultimately, all the organizations now aim towards making these physically distant employees to coordinate and work together towards a common goal. Give your employees the autonomy and allow them to work in the way they feel the best and see the miracles happen!

Stay Home... Stay Safe!!!