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13 Ways For Passive Income In Crypto

Become The Whale

Want to go to the Moon but don’t know how? Keep reading for an exhaustive list on the many possible ways to create passive income in the crypto world. Hopefully a combination of these leads you to the path of becoming a mighty crypto Whale.


This might be the easiest and most obvious way to becoming a crypto Whale but only:

  • IF you have an extremely high tolerance for risk
  • IF you get lucky and 10x,100x or even 1000x on an alt
  • IF you have strong hands, big balls and can handle 80–90% drops
  • IF believe we are in the early stages of a blockchain technology revolution

OK so maybe this is not exactly passive income. But of course the first step in creating passive income in crypto is to actually hold some in the first instance. Anyways moving on we have…


Have crypto that you aren’t doing anything with? How about lending them out and getting interest in return? There are various lending platforms that exist where you can do exactly this. Check out:

  • Ethlend is a decentralized peer to peer lending application. You can lend out about 250 tokens
  • Margin Funding options are available for major coins like Bitcoin, Ether, Neo, IOTA, OMG, XRP and some others. Bitfinex, Bitmex, Poloniex, Quoine are the exchanges which offer margin funding. If you hold coins which are offered on these exchanges it might be worth your while to sign up and deposit your crypto there.
  • Crypto lending Bots are for the lazy who want to take advantage of Margin Funding on exchanges but don’t want the fuss of manually doing it themselves. Let a lending bot take care of it for you with a small % fee going to the team. Check out Cryptolend for the guys that have been in the game the longest. You will have to provide API keys for them to take care of it for you but rest assured your crypto is safe by unticking the withdraw ability.


  • Salt Lending lets you keep your crypto and borrow against it. For those that need some cash but still want to hold their crypto assets this is for you. Use the cash to make more money!


A Masternode is a full node (computer wallet) that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coin’s ledger in real time. In return, the Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. One catch is the computer wallet must always be up and running 24/7!

  • Dash is a top 20 coin that is currently paying 7% ROI. If you have a spare $200k you can get it.
  • Check out https://masternodes.online/ if you aren’t quite ready for a $200k investment. There are plenty of others that can get you started with just spare change.


Live at a university dormitory with free electricity? Awesome! Why not take advantage and set up your own mining rig. Mining is best left to big players like Bitmain but if you have free electricity and a decent gaming PC it is profitable. Punch in the numbers on What To Mine to see how much you can earn.


  • Gunbot is a is an automated Crypto Trading Bot. It uses a lot of individual strategies that are customisable to fit your trading style. For emotionless trading why not set up something like this? Be warned however and prepared to spend countless hours fine tuning a strategy to make it consistently trade for profit. Requires Technical Analysis and chart reading ability so not recommended for noobs.


Crypto trades 24/7 and never sleeps on exchanges all around the world. When there are price differences across exchanges that’s when you can make a spread difference and profit.

  • Kimchi Premium used to present up to 40% difference in price of Bitcoin on Korean exchanges to other exchanges. This premium has long gone because many koreans got Rekt and are off crypto… for now. Stay in the game and be ready for crypto fever to cause massive differences in price of Bitcoin and other crypto across exchanges in the future.
  • Arbitrage Bots are contributing to most of the daily trading volumes according to some people. These bots are profitable in highly volatile markets. Good luck finding one that works for you without building your own. If you had a powerful bot that you built and works. Would you share it? Doubt it.
  • Smaller Exchanges are less known and have unreliable API connections for bots. You can still make manual trades by watching the order book like a hawk. Big exchanges like Bitfinex usually lead the sudden price drops and hikes. If you have an account on a smaller exchange be there to execute that arbitrage trade before someone else does! Do this by depositing assets on both exchanges beforehand so that you can buy and sell assets instantaneously without transfer risk affecting the price.


  • Cryptokitties the game that clogged up the Ethereum network lets you buy cats and breed them. If you get a rare offspring they can be worth a fair amount.
  • Etheremon pretty much a Pokemon ripoff. You get the idea.
  • Other games such as War Riders and Gods Unchained are coming out and could have massive potential. The collectables industry is no laughing matter. Get something early so you don’t FOMO later.


  • POWH otherwise knowns as Proof of Weak Hands is a gambling game where you deposit Ether into a smart contract. The more people that deposit after you the more you earn. Just don’t withraw your crypto otherwise you get penalised a fee. Like a Pyramid Scheme but still awesome!
  • FOMO3D is another game that rewards the last person that contributes to a pot and has the timer goes to zero. Try your luck and have a chance to win the jackpot. The last time it popped it was $3 million. It really works!


  • Exchange Tokens such as Kucoin (KCS) pay out bonuses for just holding the coin. The premise is that you profit from the success of the exchange. Controversial and still new in nature. We are yet to see how these will play out.
  • NEO is a top 20 blockchain that pays you another token called GAS just by holding NEO. Make sure you hold them in your own wallet or the exchange may not pass on your GAS. Yes, Bitfinex we are talking about you.
  • VECHAIN (VET) is another top 20 coin that pays you VTHO just by holding VET. Once again put them in a wallet otherwise you may not receive your VTHO.
  • ONTOLOGY (ONT) just recently moved to mainnet and are now paying out ONG to holders. Check out https://ontcalc.com/ for the ROI.


There are irregular random airdrops that occur on public blockchain wallets. Do not miss out on these by holding coins on exchanges. Greedy exchanges will not always pass on airdropped coins because they control the assets at the time of the airdrop. If you are in control of the private keys any airdropped coins will be in your possession.

If you hold ether in an address you control but haven’t checked in awhile you may even want to have a look to see what has been dropped into it. You may be surprised to find you have received OMG just by holding Ether for example.

For a comprehensive list of what is upcoming check out https://airdropalert.com/


Different from Masternodes because there is no minimum amount. If you own any of these coins put them in a wallet and let them work for you and earn you staking rewards. Easy money.

There are many others but they could be considered shitcoins and we don’t encourage holding shitcoins so we won’t mention them here.


Are you someone with a large following on social media? Or perhaps you could build up a large following by creating a youtube channel?

  • Referral Code Links from big exchanges like Binance, Coinbase or Hardware Wallet Ledger can earn you a small referral fee.

That’s It For Now!

Check back here for updates to the list.

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