How to Make AI Avatar Reels for Freeby@tanishqawasthi03
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How to Make AI Avatar Reels for Free

by TanishqMarch 8th, 2024
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Use the weekly Newsquiz to test your knowledge of stories you saw on HackerNoon. Today's newsquiz includes a tutorial on how to make AI Reels with avatars for free. Use the Daily Discussion to help us understand today's featured news stories.
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To start, tell us a little bit about yourself

Yo, peeps! A fellow content creator on this side. Gather 'round 'cause I stumbled upon this dope way to whip up AI Reels with avatars, and guess what? It's all free! No cap, just follow these steps, and you'll be able to make awesome reels using AI.

Describe the life hack(s) you use on a regular basis

Step 1: Voiceovers with Clipchamp First things first, kick those boring narrations to the curb. Head over to Clipchamp – it's free, by the way. Pick an AI voice that vibes with your style – deep, sassy, funny, you name it. Hit that record button, and boom, instant voiceover magic without spending a dime.

Step 2: Avatar with Now, let's put a face to that killer voice. is the go-to spot, and yep, it's free too. Generate a slick AI avatar that matches your voiceover tone. Imagine having your own hype man, but way cooler. This step is where your personal style starts to shine.

Step 3: Lip-Sync with Lalamu Studio Time to make that avatar groove! Lalamu Studio is another gem in the free toolkit. It creates a killer lip-sync animation based on your audio. Your avatar's about to dance like it's the main act at a concert – and yes, still free.

Step 4: Video Upscaling with Vmake Video Enhancer Blurry mess? No more! Grab Vmake Video Enhancer – there are free trials to test the waters. This tool is your superhero, giving your video that crystal-clear upgrade. It's like your content just got a glow-up, all while staying budget-friendly.

Step 5: Cool Subtitles with Submagic Subtitles are the key to global reach. Submagic is your move. It generates subtitles for your video – the free version has a watermark, but a bit of editing magic, and it's gone. Now, your content's ready to conquer the world.

Step 6: Final Touches with Clipchamp Back to Clipchamp for the finishing touches. Throw in some fire music, smooth transitions, and eye-catching text overlays. It's like adding the cherry on top of your content masterpiece.

There you have it, fam – a tutorial to make AI Reels with avatars for free. I found out about all these awesome tools from just one place. It is a website called I tried and tested tens of tools present there and found the best results with the tools mentioned above. If you have suggestions for better tools, I would love to know them.

Tell me about them below in the comments. Finally, don't forget to experiment, get creative, and find your unique style. Trust me, this is a game-changer for broke creators like us. Give it a shot, and let the world see your epic content!

Which part of life has it/they helped you with?

It has helped me speed up my content creation game a lot. Just in doing the research to achieve this, I learned a lot more things that I regularly use now.

Where did you first hear about it/them?

I didn’t. I had been given the task of making a reel using AI avatars. While looking for it, I went to an AI tools directory, in my case, and just tried and tested the tools I found there. It was really time-taking, but the final result was great.

Attach a photo of the hack if applicable.

Who are your favorite motivational speakers, online lecturers, and/or tinkerers?

David Goggins.

Which podcasts, books, and movies do you like and why?

Andrew Huberman - The day I saw his episode on NSDR, I became an instant fan. Since then, I’ve been following his content regularly.

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