How to Make a Retro Game Console Based on Raspberry Pi? by@ranlily

How to Make a Retro Game Console Based on Raspberry Pi?

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The Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based microcomputer that is small in appearance but powerful. After installing the open-source RetroPi emulator, it is an all-purpose retro game console that can run tens of thousands of games from Sony, Nintendo, and Sega. For example, Super Mario, Contra, Metal Slug, and Crash Bandicoot can all be played. Next, I will tell you how to make a game console with Raspberry Pi step by step.

1 Burn-in System

1.1 Download Mirror The RetroPie image can be downloaded from the official website at

1.2 Mirror-Writing

AS for how to burn the image to the SD card, you can refer to some professional articles. For example, the method of writing img image to the SD card with Terminal on the mac, if you use Windows, it is the same. After formatting the SD card, use the tool Win32DiskImager to write into the mirror image. And then, insert the card into the Raspberry Pi, connect the monitor, and power on.

Note: The power supply voltage of the Raspberry Pi is constant 5V, and the current must be sufficient, at least with a power adapter of more than 2A. If the current of the Raspberry Pi is too low, an automatic restart may occur.

2 Simulator Configuration

When we connect the Raspberry Pi to the monitor, the system startup interface looks good, don't get excited, it will take a while to play the game.


If you have a gamepad, plug it into the Raspberry Pi via USB. Press any key, and the system will automatically detect your gamepad.


2.1 Key Button Configuration

The purpose of the key configuration is to allow your controller to accurately control the games in this simulator. By pressing the corresponding buttons on the controller, there is only one chance. Once the set is wrong, the buttons must be reconfigured. If happened, how to reconfigure it? At this time, plug the keyboard into the USB port of the Raspberry Pi, press the F4, you can enter the command line interface of the system, then enter the command exit, you can restart the system and reconfigure the keys.


Suggestion: If it is a PS handle, the main corresponding keys are as follows:

A→O key

B→X key

X→Triangle key

Y→Square key

When the key configuration is completed, you will see the following interface, 13 GAMES AVAILABLE, which is 13 setting menus.


Due to copyright issues, the official website has removed all self-contained games. If you want to play the game, you still have to find rom resources yourself.

2.2 Connect to WiFi

When we configure the buttons, our controller can easily control our simulator.


We start the menu settings. Find the WiFi option, and connect the RetroPie to WiFi first. When entering the WiFi password, it is better to use the keyboard to enter numbers for convenience. Remember the current IP address after connecting to WiFi, for example, my current IP address is:


3 Game Installation

3.1 Resources

Game resources can go to the search engine "game name (keyword) + rom", you can find resources.

3.2 Installation

After the RetroPie system is installed, the smb file transfer service is automatically enabled. Under the same local area network, you can directly transfer the game rom to RetroPie through the smb service. The specific operations are as follows:

Step 1: Under the Mac system, press the command+K key in the Finder interface.


Step 2: Enter the IP address you just wrote down, click connect, and select the guest user connection and password interface.


Step 3: Mount Volume Select: roms


Step 4: At this time, you will see many folders of game emulators, put the game roms you got into the specified folder. If it is a Ps one game, its suffix is img, putting it in the folder psx. If it is a Nintendo game with the suffix nes, just drag it over.

Step 5: Restart the system, you will find that the game has been installed.



Finally, enjoy your time!


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