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How Can Forex Grow Your Startup Business

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Forex trading is a type of investment. But unlike regular investments, it shows results in less than a year – even with long-term strategies. 

Comparing this type of investment with a business or a startup, for example, we realize that Forex trading is not only a safer and more reliable investment but may also help fund other business ventures.

As such, before browsing a Forex brokers listing, let’s see if you can really use foreign currency exchange to grow your business!

The Basics

Before getting into the technical bits, let’s check out the main reasons why this type of trading seems so viable in terms of funding and growing a business.

When you decide to move on with a business or a startup, you’ll have to make a significant investment to get things rolling. Naturally, you won’t know what happens to your it until the business rounds up some profit or collapses. Moreover, profit will come quite late in most cases.

Given the above and the short- to mid-term implications of currency trading, it seems only natural that you could use the Forex-type of investment in order to meet the investment goals of your business.

How Does Forex Trading Work?

While trading foreign currencies, you’ll encounter many types of entities – banks, regular traders, companies, and so on. The basics of online currency trading are the same as those of currency conversion (while traveling).

The traders buy and sell currency pairs at a certain rate. Then, they wait for market fluctuations that would make selling or buying currencies profitable. 

The Main Benefits of Forex Trading

As you may know, Forex trading is extremely popular nowadays. People try this type of investment at least once in their life – or even once a year, depending on global events. 

But where does this popularity stem from?

Volatility – major currency pairs within the Forex market usually move at around 50-100 pips per day. This translates to high volatility – major changes in value – and can be used to win large gains. Depending on the currency pairs, a 90-pip movement can imply a profit of $900 for the trader. Medium and minor pairs pass 200/400 pips per day, but their value is much lower. Still, the room for profit exists, regardless of the currency!

High Liquidity – in short, currency trading comes with a level of liquidity that allows for almost instant trades. This also makes it easier to profit from falling markets with high liquidity, unlike with the stock market, for example.

Leverage – this is probably the most important reason why this type trading simply works. Without the leverage provided by brokers, a trade with a profit of $500 would be worth only around $10. Why? Because your currency has more power with leverage. A 50:1 leverage implies that one of everything you invest is valued as fifty, so to speak.

There are many other reasons why this particular type of trading is worth trying: accessibility, regulation, increased transparency compared to other similar markets, and very low trading commissions/fees/costs.

Forex Trading and Business Finances

First of all, it is worth noting that one should never put their trust (and funds) in Forex trading. Seasoned business people are aware of this, and they don’t invest everything they have in a single thing/market – now you’re aware of this as well.

Given that the currency trading market comes with medium-high risks, it should not be seen as some golden goose that will provide instant funds for a business. However, given its fantastic profit potential, here’s how a business can benefit from such trading:

Investment Diversification

In order to earn enough money to grow a business, people will often invest in more than just one market/thing. But this comes with increased risks – so, why do they do this?

Well, multiple investment channels are perfect for preserving capital and for significant income growth. There may be more risks, but the winning opportunities are greater as well.

Starting Small

Starting a business requires a lot of funds. On the other hand, you can start to trade currencies with virtually any amount – even as little as $10. Stocks, for example, require a starting capital of around $1000. 

This is perfect for business owners that want to work on their capital but not take too many risks. A small $100 investment can turn into $900 in profit that you can later use for other investments.

ICO Whitepaper Firms

Do you have a strong business idea? Are you passionate about starting a new business but don’t have the required funds? 

There are plenty of novel financing methods, among which initial coin offering (ICO) is a potential financial solution for your startups and growing businesses. It is one of the quickest financial solutions for startups and expanding businesses.

ICO is a rapidly trending method of crowdfunding. A recently published online resource suggested that in the first six months of the year 2017, about US$ 1 billion were raised by ICO. What a huge potential this method has!

In the book, Development of regions and organizations: Foreign Investments – chances and dangers, authors Zimnicka and Rzeszowska (Page 46) reported that about 50% of the ICO financed businesses fail during the first years of their inception. 

Despite having promising ideas, hefty investment, and dedicated efforts, businesses fail to inadequate paperwork. 

Not everyone can create an ICO whitepaper. Some of the reliable ICO whitepaper firms and their salient features are as follows.

OGScapital. If you are an entrepreneur, you can trust OGScapital as a reliable whitepaper firm having 15 years of experience, a team of over 1000 consultants, designers, critical analyzers, and thousands of completed projects. 

GFSCglobal. If you are looking for an international brand as your ICO whitepaper firm, then look no further than GFSCglobal, which has corporate offices in 7 countries, and their experts include an experienced team of business consultants and legal advisors. 

SIXPL. If the customer retention rate is the criteria, then you may look forward to SIXPL, which has a retention rate of about 65%. The team of SIXPL is an expert in ICO whitepapers and has completed over one thousand projects so far. 

Hashcash Consultants. Hashcash consultants promise you to fulfill your dream ICO by a target-oriented and objective approach. They are experts in ICO whitepaper content creation and designing.

IINUMA. If you are looking for a relatively less expensive solution for your ICO whitepaper, then contact the executive team of IINUMA, who is rated among the top 3% freelancers on UPWORK, and completed over 30 projects.

24/7 Availability

The Forex market allows you to take care of daily business operations and whatnot as well. One is not forced to check the currency market constantly, fearing that they’ll miss a good trade.

Forex markets are open 24/7 and, given their accessibility, you can set up notifications for when a currency that you want to sell/buy passes a certain threshold. 

Last but not least, you need just a smartphone with an internet connection in order to enter and complete a Forex trade – nothing more! 

Multiple Trading Platforms

Investing in stocks comes with a limited number of choices in terms of platforms and such. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of technicalities and requirements that you need to fulfill in order to trade stock successfully.

Currency trading is much easier than that. Traders can choose a preferred broker, a platform they’re comfortable with, and so on. Traders can choose brokers even based on commission, fee, bonuses, minimum deposits, etc.

Can Forex Trading Grow Your Business?

Everything mentioned so far makes for multiple and solid reasons why currency trading can, in fact, grow and develop your business.

Statistics show that an investment of only $1000 could turn into $20,000/year in profit. Naturally, this comes the risk of bad trades. If you decide to invest $5000, you can make up to $100,000/year – but with mostly successful trades.

If you want more specific statistics, Forex traders usually make around 15% of their investment per month while taking into account losses as well.

The Bottom Line

In short, foreign currency trading does allow the business owner to earn some extra funds on the side or even small fortunes that they can use to grow a business. This is due to:

  • High volatility that creates the potential for a significant profit.
  • High liquidity that allows the trader to open or close a trade really fast.
  • Leverage that empowers the trader and allows them to make a profit with minor investments.
  • A tried and tested method for diversifying investment portfolios.
  • 24/7 availability that allows the trader to take care of business operations as well.
  • The opportunity to choose an appropriate broker and trading platform.
  • Last but not least, due to the short learning curve – a beginner needs to learn only the basics, as the rest will be learned through experience.

As such, Forex trading is clearly and undoubtedly one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio and potentially grow and develop your business!

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by Faizan Raza @faizan4it. I love HN authors, publishing, and talking incessantly about AI, Tech,Startup,Blockchain & etc. Read my stories


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