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How to Hide Annoying Cookie Usage Permission Requests [Browser Extensions]

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@fatosmorinaFatos Morina

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Recently I found an extension that removes all the annoying pop-up windows and bars that are displayed, warning you that they are using your cookies.

The GDPR law has caused a lot of panics all over the web and so many websites are now constantly bombarding us with a lot of notifications asking for our permission to use our cookies. I believe, most of the people who will be asked to accept the cookies may not even prefer to be asked for that at all.

In the end, they want to use these websites and do not bother whether their cookies are used to improve their experiences by serving customized advertisements or any other relevant item for them.

If you are among the people who are tired of these notifications and just want to enjoy the content of the website that you are currently visiting, then this extension can be helpful. It can be something very simple, but I believe it can save you a lot of nerves and seconds after only a very quick and simple installation in your browser.


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