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How to hack the time

Know Your Goals, and Organize Them by Their Value and Priority.

Goals are essential for time management. How many goals do you have?

Perhaps you have too many goals. If so, organize them. You need goals for each primary area of your life: for your work/business/health/friends/family etc..


Schedule Planning and Thinking Time Each Day.

Schedule time to plan your projects and tasks each day, either in the evening or in the morning before you get to work. When you separate your planning time from your tasks’ execution, you get more done faster.

Turn Big Goals Into Small Daily Tasks.

As soon as you set a goal, work out what it will take to achieve your goal. Then, turn those steps into projects and tasks. Create deadlines for each project, and create small daily tasks so you complete each project quickly.

Prioritize: Focus on One Important Task and Work on It Today.

You’ve created goals. However, you can’t “do” a goal. You can only do tasks that will lead to achieving your goal. Decide on your highest value goal, and work on an important task for that goal today.

If you can, work on that task before you do anything else. Let’s say your most valuable goal today is improved health. Your most important task is to exercise. Get it done early. Many gyms open early, so you may be able to get your workout done before you go to work.

Nothing’s Perfect. Just Get It Done. Your Best in That Moment Is OK.

You want to do your “best.” However, perfectionism wastes time. Nothing’s perfect. If you’re prone to perfectionism, be aware of it, and force yourself to let things go.

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