How to: Follow these Steps to join the Special Bounty Program for Steemians

To drive fans of sport into fans of Scorum, we’ll have to kick back some rewards along the way, and we’re happy to show our appreciation for people who spread the word about Scorum.

And there’s nobody we’re more appreciative of than the great Steemit members who have shown the world that it’s possible to create a sustainable social media space on the Graphene Framework.

Our mission is to take that idea, refine it, and bring the massive audience of engaged sports fans across the globe into the Scorum platform. Tokens will be distributed among all Steemit users who register on Scorum and fulfill all the steps to participate by the end of the crowdsale (February 11, 2018)

Complete the following steps and get in the game:

  1. Sign in to your Scorum account or follow the this link to sign up and sign in and go to the Steemit Bounty tab in your account.

2. In your account page, click Connect next to your Steemit entity and sign in to your Steemit account using steemconnect. A green mark will indicate your successful authorization.

3. Connect your Twitter account and follow us. A yellow mark will indicate successful authorization. Once you have authorized with your Twitter account, you should follow Scorum on Twitter. After that the yellow tick will turn green.

4. Join us on Telegram. Click Connect and you’ll be redirected to a Telegram bot dialog, where you should just click Start. After that we will update your Telegram entity and you’ll see a yellow mark. Now join our Telegram chat to get the green tick mark.

When you see a green tick for all three accounts, you’ve successfully joined the bounty!

On the Steemit bounty tab you’ll be able to track your balance of Scorum Power. The size of the bounty you receive will depend on the total number of Steemians who take part from now until the end of the crowdsale, with 2x the rewards going to the first 100 participants.

As with Steemit, the more SP you have in your account the more voting power you have and the more influential your votes and comments will be. Scorum Power tokens can also be converted to Scorum Coins gradually over a 12 month timeframe.

Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll outline our affiliate reward system that you can use to get Scorum Coins rewards for referring token purchasers to our crowdsale.

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