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How To Design Die-Cut Stickers?

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Stickers are a unique form of advertising as they can capture the interest of the audience and can go viral. They are similar to pay-once banner advertisements. Just create it once, and it will stay included under your customers’ favorite items like laptops, notebooks, stationery, cars, etc.

Die-cut stickers, also known as custom-shaped stickers, are a type of individual stickers. They are cut into unique custom shapes as per customers’ designs without an extra back. They stand apart from normal stickers as they are created in various shapes and designs. For instance, if you have a personal logo design, you can make use of it with a die-cut option. Nike, Apple, Harley Davidson are some of the companies that have created a strong recognition with their unique die-cut sticker designs.

If you are planning to design your sticker to promote your business, you will probably find that the design process involved in it has a lot more to it than it first meets the eye. You need to take care of a lot of things such as the shape, size, the message you want to convey, the actual content of the sticker, etc. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you throughout the process. Let’s get started!

#1) Select the apt shape and size:

Before you start planning about any other part of the design, you first need to choose the shape and size of your sticker design. Although rectangular and square are the most common shapes for a sticker, in many cases the choice solely depends on the intended use of the sticker.

#2) Use bright colors:

With colors, you want to grab the attention of your audience. Achieve it by creating them in bright colors. If you have colors that match with your brand personality, use those colors. Otherwise, choose colors that not only grab attention but also convey your message with clarity. Yes, colors have the power to communicate with the audience. Making your sticker bright doesn’t mean you use every color of the rainbow in your design. Two or three colors can work best for a sticker design.

#3) Use bold fonts:

Just like colors, fonts have the power to communicate with the audience too. If you want to communicate a strong message using your stickers, you can draw all eyes to it by making use of bold fonts. Before finalizing the final font, make sure it is readable from a distance.

Tip: San-serif font looks more bold and readable when printed in small fonts. But do not use this font just for the sake of it, especially if it doesn’t fit with your brand’s visual identity.

#4) Incorporate your brand:

Although it is vital to consider color schemes and fonts, it is also crucial that your brand stays at the heat of your design. The main objective of stickers is to increase brand visibility. So if you want to have a return on your investment, incorporate your brand’s logo design on stickers. Are you looking for unique sticker design inspiration and ideas? Explore them at Designhill – World’s No.1 creative marketplace where you can get connected with thousands of freelance designers and artists.

#5) Include call-to-action:

Call-to-action is a statement designed to encourage audience to take immediate desired action. We usually get to see call-to-actions on banners, websites or marketing materials (brochures, leaflets, business cards, etc.). But a lot of people ignore its importance while creating stickers for branding. As discussed above, people love to put stickers on their favorite items, so don’t miss out the opportunity to make sales out of it. One of the best call-to-actions for stickers can be QR codes. You can redirect the QR code to anywhere you like. Also, QR code occupies less space in the design.

#6) Keep it to-the-point

If you look into the stickers of well-known brands, you will find that their stickers are very to-the-point. You will not find any extra elements in their sticker designs. Whenever we design anything for branding, we always try to include every piece of information in the design. Well, the information might be important for the audience, but when it comes to stickers, the design has to be simple and minimalistic. A company logo must be all that is required to increase brand awareness and communicate the desired message. At max, you can include a QR code in the design and redirect your audience to the desired page.


So folks, now that you have learned that creating die-cut stickers do not take much time or effort and it’s basically all about the details and tactics, it’s time to start creating one for your business. If you have ever created a die-cut sticker, share your work or design process in the comments section below!

Good luck creating! 😃


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