How to Create A Sports Betting App like William Hill, What Are Its Costs And Features? by@Melissa

How to Create A Sports Betting App like William Hill, What Are Its Costs And Features?

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The advent of the internet has revolutionized the art of betting. Having gone from physically having to visit casinos to being able to place your bets at home on personal computers, the betting industry took a step even further and has now made it possible to experience the dazzle of casinos and the roars of betting clubs in mobile devices.

The convenience of betting on betting apps anywhere at anytime has attracted a large user community. As applications for betting provide exceptional features that allows users to know and do more than a traditional betting club, it has digitized and changed the betting industry in many ways.

Scope of a Sports Betting App like William Hill

Sports betting apps like William Hill and Bet 365 are currently two of the most popular betting apps. They both put together generated a total revenue of 432.13 crore GBP in 2018. Such massive returns on investment from a betting app has attracted entrepreneurs to desire a slice of the cake by developing their own betting apps.

The increase in demand for betting apps has resulted in an increase in sports betting app development companies as well. Developing applications has become an easy and approachable process due to the surge in the demand of sports betting apps. A common question that entrepreneurs in this industry ask is how to develop an app like William Hill.

In order to answer that question, it is imperative to understand the features that make up the William Hill app.

Why Develop an App Like William Hill?


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The online gambling market is expected to reach a revenue of $94 billion in 2024.This indicates that sports betting apps are rapidly becoming popular all over the world. As the number of players choosing to bet on their favorite sports through sports betting apps are multiplying, so are the entrepreneurial opportunities in the digital betting industry. This is a good time for creating an app like William Hill.

To create a fully functional betting app like William Hill, it is essential to create two variations of the app that caters to users and admins. 


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User Panel Of The App

The app primarily has two panels. One for the user’s use and one for the administrator’s use. Let’s look at what features are common in the user panel of a sports betting app that will help develop an app like William Hill.

Sign in / Sign up - The first step in the app is to sign in or sign up. It creates a profile for the user which also stores game data.

Betting Information - Users can learn how to bet using the betting guide provided in the app.

Type of Sport - Users can choose the sport they want to bet on.

Live Scores - This feature allows users to stay up-to-date with the progress in games. Users find this facility helpful when placing bets. Live sports telecasts also enhances the betting experience for users.

Notifications - Users are notified about various alerts such as game results, incoming messages, etc.

Match Schedules - Users can view upcoming match dates and schedules. They can opt in for notifications to remind them about forthcoming games.

Betting Patterns - Users can choose a betting pattern such as but not limited to

  • Call, call, raise
  • Check-raising
  • Check/call, small bet on the turn

Communication - Users have the facility to communicate with other players through the betting app itself. This feature also offers users with options to share their stats on social media.

Admin Panel Of The App

The admin panel entitles an administrator to access administrative controls of the application.

This includes - 

  • Sign in / Sign up - An admin creates an account or validates his profile by signing in.
  • Dashboard - It provides an overview of all the activities that have happened or are happening at a given instance. Admins can also regulate registered users and betting prices in this feature.
  • Management of Users - In this feature, admins can add new users, view players’ on-going transactions along with their histories and can regulate or notify users with messages.
  • Monetization - The parts of the app that generate income are managed in this section. This includes In-app purchases, promotions and advertisements. Admins can make changes and verify them.
  • Bookmaker Management - Admins can set prices according to information received from bookies.
  • Content Management - An app’s content is dynamic. It not only requires modification when a new feature is launched in the app but also requires alteration on a regular basis to keep the audience engaged and to meet fast changing market standards.
  • Customer Support - Customer queries can be addressed via social media, texts, calls and in-app messages. Being exceptionally responsive with this feature can be key to creating an app like William Hill.

Safeguarding the William Hill-like App

Sports betting apps are increasingly becoming immensely popular, that in turn means that betting apps have a massive user base that performs a lot of transactions. It is vital to ensure proper security for players. A major concern that betting apps users inquire about is how safe their payment details will be from the clutches of app glitches/bugs and hacks which can reveal confidential information.

An up-to-date security system is important to gain the trust of your users and facilitate your betting app to function seamlessly.

Improving the Prospects of the App

Your betting app won’t be ready to compete against millions of other apps that are available on app stores right after its development. The app is going to require a marketing strategy. Popular strategies include launching pre-launch campaigns, Optimizing SEO, driving post-launch campaigns, allowing reviews, analyze performance reports and more. This is the conclusive step to develop an app like William Hill

Development Costs of the App

The cost of developing a mobile sports betting app depends on which country it is created in. A rough estimate of the cost that businesses can expect to incur in developing a sports betting app is around $30,000 to $35,000.

Get started on creating your own betting app like William Hill by getting in touch with a renowned mobile app development company right away.


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