How to Create a Logo for Applications: Tips and Ways

How to Create a Logo for Applications: Tips and Ways

The logo is needed on packs of chips, jeans labels, stock photos and the headers of online stores. But what about applications: can they not have a corporate identity and be a little more creative? Of course they can. We meet such signs in the Application Store and Google Play and often scroll through them without paying attention. This is because the icon, which functions separately from the general concept of the application, is not able to correctly inform the visitor about itself and attract him. Such world-famous applications as Facebook or Instagram, for example, do not isolate their pictograms from the general corporate identity, making it more recognizable and attractive to the target audience.

What is a Logo and Its Name?

No matter how many times you mention your company in beautiful advertisements, customers will still remember you by this small brand icon. This is how our perception works, for the majority it is easier to remember bright colors and interesting images than long texts. Good marketers are good psychologists. They know that we associate companies primarily with their logos, so they spend a lot of effort and finances to create a selling brand name. But how does it work? And why do some logos evoke confidence in us, while others evoke outrage? It depends on whether the corporate sign can fulfill its main functions:
1. Associative
2. Legal guarantee for corporate identity
3. Product Quality Assurance
4. Advertising
5. Aesthetic
The logo performs the same functions as a symbol for a mobile application. Moreover, the brand name in this case may be slightly modified. For example, Pinterest left only the first letter for the application icon, but it also retained the corporate colors and shapes. In any case, if you want to create a corporate icon, you will first need to develop a corporate identity and logo.

Why does an Application Need an Icon?

The icon for the application is the first thing your target audience sees before familiarizing themselves with the program. It is able to distinguish your project from competitors’ and attract potential customers. A convincing icon attracts the attention of the audience, and its high-quality design suggests that the application itself is worthy of attention. In addition, it performs three specialized functions:
1. Informs on the meaning of the application;
2. Helps the user in the search for a program;
3. Launches the program.

Tips on Creating Icons for Applications
Unfortunately, sometimes even very interesting and necessary applications do not capture  audience because of the inexpressive brand sign. This is because developers do not always pay enough attention to the impact of a quality logo design on a person. But we know how important the first impression of the application icon is in reaching the target audience. Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the main aspects that should be considered when creating a logo:
Consider the small size of the logo when creating it. Perhaps it makes sense to abandon many small details, since with scalability they can turn into an illegible spot. Try to simplify your sign as much as possible so that its idea remains understandable in any size. And before approving the result, do a preview and see if everything is OK.
Not every creative idea can be accepted and understood. And in case of the logo the phrase “I am an artist, and that is the way I see this” will not work. After all, if the user does not understand your sign, most likely, he will flip the application. Try to focus on the ideas of your project and pass it succinctly so that the user can simply recognize what you are talking about.
It is very simple to go for the first association and use the colors and icons typical for your niche. But this will not help you attract customers. Most likely, you will simply be lost among millions of icons with the same predictable design. That is why it is very important to spend time studying competitors and desires of the target audience in order to ultimately develop something really new and attractive.
Use moderate text in the logo of an application
The small size of the symbol is also worth considering if you want to add text to it. The use of capital letters or words up to three or four letters in bold is acceptable. Such signs are used by Uber and Adobe Photoshop, for example. But it’s better not to upload your icon with a description of the program or any other block of information. After all, the text will remain impossible to read, and the icon will lose its aesthetics.
Compliance with application functionality
Not to create the sense of customers’ fraud is crucial. This can lead to negative reviews and the loss of part of the target audience. Customers can see the mismatch of the icon with the functionality of the application as a fraud. If a visitor likes what you tell him through the sign, he will want to get it by opening the application. Make sure that the icon on the logo is up to date.

Icon for an Android application

There are 5 main categories of DPI for Android, depending on the resolution of the screens of smartphones:
  • 120DPI - Low DPI (LDPI);
  • 160DPI - Medium DPI (MDPI);
  • 240DPI - High DPI (HDPI);
  • 320DPI - Extra High DPI (XHDPI);
  • 480DPI - Extra Extra High DPI (XXHDPI);
In order for your icon to look great on each screen, you should develop several of its options for each of this category.
Launcher icon
It is necessary for Android launcher icon to have transparent background, be 32 bit and in PNG format. The basic icon size is considered to be 48dp for low resolution, with edges - 1dp. It is allowed to increase the scale to 192x192 dp (400%), and up to 4dp on the edges.
An icon for a publication on Google Play
The icon published on Google Play does not replace the launcher icon. But these icons should have the same content, not counting some specialized elements.
The required icon size for publishing on Google Play is 512x512 in high resolution. The maximum file size is 1024 KB.

The Design of an Icon for Android: the Main Rules

In addition to universal rules for creating application logos, there are also guidelines that relate exclusively to the development of icons on Android. If you intend to use this operating system, then we advise you to understand the basic features of the design of the symbols of its programs:
• consider the adaptation of the icon to any size;
• test the logo on dark, light and colorful backgrounds
• make volume with the help of the upper backlight;
• experiment with the form, Android allows it;
• use a separate logo, do not clip it from a large image.

An icon for IOS application

Sizes of icons for IOS application
Create two icons with the same content:
1. Small – for the home screen:
  • iPhone 6 Plus and later - 180x180px;
  • iPhone 6 and later, + iPhone SE and later- 120x120px;
  • iPad Pro - 167x167px;
  • iPad, iPad mini - 152x152px;
 2.  Big –for the publication on  the Application Store - 1024x1024px
In case of the absence of small icons, IOS will automatically make them smaller for showing on Spotlight and in the settings. But, if you want to do it yourself, then check all the necessary settings:
  • iPhone 6 Plus and later - 120x120px (for Spotlight); 87x87px (for settings).
  • iPhone SE and later, iPad Pro, iPad, iPad mini - 80x80px (Spotlight); 58x58px (settings)                                          
The peculiarities of design while creating an icon for IOS:
• Leave the corners square; the system will round them itself;
• Set up a normal background, without transparency;
• Do not use photos, screenshots and interface elements;
• Do not imitate the design of Apple products, they are protected by copyright.

How to create a Logo for an Application: Best Services

There are several ways to create a selling icon for the application: contact an experienced designer, draw it in Photoshop yourself or use the online services. The third method is considered to be the most convenient, since it requires neither special artistic skills, nor a lot of time for the development process, and it is often relatively inexpensive.
Moreover, there are lots of services where you can create a high-quality logo for an app: 
  • Makeappicon 
  • IconsFlow
  • Fontawesome
Do not isolate the icon from the corporate style, let it popularize your brand and remind users of it from the screens of their mobile devices. And do not postpone the creation of a logo for later, because you can get a corporate sign in just a few minutes using online services. Today you can become the owner of a selling sign for a mobile application.



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