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How To Create a Complex Password

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For almost all the accounts that you create on the Internet, you need to come up with a secure, that is, a complex password. Choosing the most secure password requires the use of unlikely combinations of letters and numbers. Fortunately, creating a complex and at the same time easy to remember password is a task that you can handle. To learn how to create a password correctly, use our tips.

The Basics of Creating a Complex Strong Password

Choose a password that cannot be easily guessed or cracked. Do not use a word or phrase that is of particular importance to you - for example, a birthday or the name of a family member. Such information is easily found by hackers.

Do not show send passwords in messages. Social networks are often used to steal personal data, so this is unsafe.

Make sure your password is long. It must contain at least eight to ten
characters, and longer passwords are even more secure. However, some sites or applications may limit the password length.

Use at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter in your password. Uppercase and lowercase letters must not be grouped. Mixing them together makes the password more complicated. If you don’t know what password to come up with, try this method. For example, take the first two letters from the names of your loved ones - Lena, Sasha, Katya, Ivan " geslavk_" or the address of your first house - " HouseOffroom*8542".

Use spaces in your password. Many password systems do not allow actual spaces to be used, use the underscore “_” instead.

Create different strong passwords for different accounts. You can use similar base words that make it easy to remember passwords without the risk of making them too easy to crack. Thus, " LeSaKaIv_" can be changed
as " mybestLeSaKaIv_", " HouseOffroom*8542" can become " 2438_myfirst#house".

Make sure your password is recorded and stored in a safe place. Choose
a place away from the computer (and from prying eyes), but make sure that you can easily access it. When you write down your password, consider encrypting it to protect it from unauthorized use. This can be done, for example, using the offset method. Thus, it ri7% Gi6_ll can be written as 2tk9 & Ik8_nn (where the offset for encoding is indicated by
the first character, in this case +2). This means that each subsequent
coded character is two alphabetic letters or numbers that exceed the actual password character.

How to come up with a complex password?

Come up with a sentence or phrase as the basis for your password. Remember that your password must ultimately be long (at least eight to ten characters) and include many different characters (upper and lower case letters, numbers, spaces or underscores, etc.). Although you should avoid personal information that others can easily identify, it’s still convenient to create a password that you can remember without any problems.

Now use certain letters from your phrase to collect a strong password that is easy to remember (for example, using the first two or three letters of each word in your phrase and connecting them in order). For example, your closest people are called Lena, Sasha, Katya, Ivan, so your main phrase is “LeSaKaIv”. Or the address of your first house is Zelenaya Dom 24, apartment 38. So, the main phrase is “HouseOnZelenaya # 2438”.  

Use at least one letter, number, and special character in your password. This will greatly complicate password cracking.    

Remember your secure password. For example, a sentence such as “My mother was born in Izyum of the Kharkiv region on August 14” may become a password such as “mmrvIXo14”. With this technique, you don’t have to rack your brains over what password you can think of. Using this simple method, you can easily create an easy-to-remember password that will be difficult to crack.

Remember to update and change passwords. Do not use the same passwords for different accounts, one password can be used for several months in a row.

How to create your password using the program?

On the question of how to make a password, programs and online user name generator can help. This software usually allows you to automatically create complex combinations. The program, in accordance with your request, creates combinations that you can then change as you wish for easier memorization.

Password managers will generate, remember and verify many
different, complex and secure passwords for each of your accounts, allowing you to simply remember one main password - to the program itself. Some of the most popular such applications are LastPass, Dashlane, KeePass, 1Password and RoboForm.


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