Skull Crusher

How Crackers Crack A Software

As a reverse engineer, I have enough knowledge to create software cracks to bypass the protection of software or use it free. I have also worked on FBR94. They are a crack website provider. I mostly tried to provide them simple cracks of software that they needed they use there brand on the crack of the software and make their name in warez. Now I am going to tell you how you can crack software. First thing you have to follow the given instructions that allow you to become a very good cracker. Cracking is very easy if you have the following things
  1. Knowledge Of Reverse Engineering (In Depth)
  2. Knowledge Of How Software Works (In-Depth)
  3. Very Good Hands On The Assembly Language Or Machine Language (In-Depth)
  4. Also You Have To Learn The Cryptography (In-Depth)
  5. Great Know About UPX
  6. Some Knowledge OF The Graphics Designing
  7. You Must Need To Learn Lots Of Languages Like Batch, C++, C#, And Python And So On
After This You Will Be The Great Cracker Of A Software or Of A Lock. See You Next Time Brothers. Bye Bye Take Care! :-)


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