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How to Contribute a Story to Hacker Noon

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We’ve revamped our story submission process. [email protected] will remain an available open line for contributors, but in order to better serve the inbound demand to publish on HackerNoon.com, we have now launched Contribute.HackerNoon.com. This is how we will prioritize reviewing, editing, publishing and distributing all story submissions to Hacker Noon. If you want to get to the top of submission pipeline, please visit Contribute.Hackernoon.com.

You make Hacker Noon great. We could never have gotten here without our contributors, so first things first: we want to thank you for being here. You are the reason we aspire to be the best place for tech professionals to publish. The first step we’d like to take to serve you better is to improve our response rate. No more waiting around on the status of your submissions!

Before submitting your story, please consider these guidelines:

  • tech expertise or rare perspective
  • high quality text
  • only submit stories you own the rights to
  • disclose any vested interest
  • zero tolerance for violence or hate
  • be kind to your internet friends

Stories accepted to be published on HackerNoon.com have and will be shared under a non-exclusive license, where content ownership remains with the contributing writer. HackerNoon.com is granted the right to edit, publish and distribute the story (more details). We strive for a real live human to review your story submission within 3 business days. This submission process will empower us to onboard more Hacker Noon editors.

New Writers

Our 200,000+ daily readers await

Thank you for considering Hacker Noon as a worthy home for your tech story!

Existing Writers

Welcome back to Hacker Noon

Let’s get you published again, and faster this time. No more waiting around on the status of your submissions!

Brands as Authors

Accreditation. Exposure. Validation.

In Hacker Noon 2.0, there will be a clear distinction between Individual posts and Brand posts. Individuals can publish for free, and brands will pay to publish on Hacker Noon.

Brand-as-author is marketing accreditation in its purest form. We understand that so much of the content exists because quality companies allocate funds to the development of their stories.

To accredit a brand as an author, there is a fee. But if you want your content published with Hacker Noon without paying, please author your content by a human tech leader and submit the story to Hacker Noon for publishing consideration!

All brand-as-author posts are subject to standard Hacker Noon editorial review.

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