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How To Choose Your Next Username: 7 Creative Ways to Hack a Great Handle

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If you decide to take your online personas seriously, here are seven fun ways to help answer the question:

"How do I come up with a memorable pseudonym?"

  1. Take any dictionary from the shelf, open it on any page and
    select the first noun that comes across.
     Open it again and add the
    adjective to the noun. Get ready for a few fun surprises.
  2. Use the japanese name generatorAutomatic algorithms allow you to select the first letter of a fictitious name, length, presence of capital letters and numbers, alphabet, take into account the gender of the user. Full names, surnames and patronymics also create such algorithms.
  3. Use the nick rating and choose the one you like. It
    will not be unique, but definitely beautiful.
  4. Add a few letters of your last name, hobby, profession or
    parents' names to your real name. 
    Don't forget to add a few numbers or special characters.
  5. Write down your real name and surname backwards.
  6. Choose a few things you like and combine them into one
    Don't forget about hyphens and underscores.
  7. Type a completely random set of characters. You could, for example, put a cat on the keyboard and see what happens.

Remember that nickname is a way of identification. It
will be good if at least you remember it.

Other Things to Note When Creating Your Handle

Your nickname, username or pseudonym is the name that everyone
will see.
 It is advisable to invent it according to the rules. Nothing insulting or crude. The rules of some sites stipulate that if a nickname is offensive or promotes something bad, then the account can be deleted.

Readability. Nickname hdjysnyxnypyfte5mcjsfhfuuxdoes
not offend anyone, but you (or someone else) are unlikely to be able to read it.

Ease of remembering. ram67584098WAit is already read
better, but the combination of numbers is unlikely to be remembered the first time.

Match with real names. It is unlikely that anyone will
believe that someone Donald Trump is sitting at the Kherson forum of
beekeepers, but if you take the name and surname of your colleague and start using them, it wouldn't be appreciated by your colleague.

If you are thinking about how to choose an name on the
Internet, then remember a simple recipe: a little prudence + more imagination will make your account memorable and unique.


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